The 13 Clocks, by James Thurber, read by Neil Gaiman

So very pleased to have caught this animated intro to James Thurber's The 13 Clocks on twitter today. It is tactfully twisted, wonderfully fun and I love listening to Neil Gaiman read just about anything. 

I did not know that the Wall Street Journal has author led book clubs and signed up for this one today. There is a new book each month, with weekly questions and discussions. Click Here to read the June 12th article, Neil Gaiman on a Skewed Stylish Fairytale, for more info about Mr. Gaiman's pick and the WSJ book club.

I am also enjoying Hayley Campbell's The Art of Neil Gaiman. Picked up a virgin copy at my local library; recommend for fellow fans.


  1. I loved the intro to 13 Clocks ! Thank you for placing it here ...I could not find the WSJ page for this book & its discussion by Neil Gaiman. Could you please post the webpage once the book discussion begins? Thanks!

  2. Uzma, visit this link- it will direct you to sign up for the discussions & also has a link to the facebook group you can join : http://tinyurl.com/qavozfm