Thursday Giveaway - Win A Snap Ray Guidelight + review

I first spotted The Snap Ray Guidelight on Pinterest and thought it sounded like a cool idea. The pinned ink brought me to this kickstarter campaign. Looks like a lot of other people were impressed as well. The creators asked for $12,000 to fund their start-up. By the time their crowdfunding campaign ended over 9,000 people donated more than $480,000. 

What is the Snap Ray Guide light? Basically, it is a special light sensitive outlet cover with LED's set into one edge. These light turns on as darkness falls. They are easy to install and take their energy from you electrical system. Curious? Click on the above video for details.

Yesterday my set of Snap Ray outlet covers arrived. I have to say they are super easy to install. With a few turns of the screwdriver you simply replace your existing standard outlet cover with a special Snap Rays one. It is really that easy. 

Now that I've installed a few, here are my thoughts. Like I said, very easy to install. However the light sensor is hyper sensitive. It worked great in open spaces like my dining room but is a little too sensitive in shady spots, like the wall between my kitchen counter and overhead cabinet. The plastic outlet cover is more flexible that I expected and would not sit flush on some of my walls (they have a stucco-ish texture and are not especially straight & level). Overall it is a pretty cool product though, and one I recommend for open spaces. 

You can see the gap in my photo above. I shot it at twilight with my phone and no flash. The outlet is just under the windowsill. It leaves a deeper gap than my old, basic Home Depot outlet cover. (I live in FLA and keep picturing bugs squeezing in, and chances are I'll probably return to my old cover.) But I think this is the fault of my wall, not the Snap Ray product.

Since I have more Snap Ray covers than I can use, I'm giving away an unopened one to an Artsnark reader in need of a little extra illumination. The prize cover will look identical to the one in my above photo. Please note: this outlet cover will not fit all styles of outlets. You have until 1 am (EST) on July 10 to enter this random drawing. This drawing is open worldwide and it is possible to enter more than once. Simple follow the instructions below. Good Luck!

By the way, this review and giveaway are in no way sponsored by Snap Power. I just think it is a pretty cool product and want to share the love.


  1. thanks stacey.......great invention!

  2. I am not very familiar with kikstarter, okay I"m not at all familiar. I think that crowdfunding sites can be helpful. I do think that a few users may be deceitful with such a thing, but the majority will be upfront about what they are doing.

  3. I answered, but don't see, that the place I need those lights is in the hallway for sure.

  4. I need one in my bathroom or hallway to help me see at night!

  5. I think they are great for new and upcoming products