New Thursday Giveaway - Original Nature Art magnet and print - Ends 9/18

First I want to give a Giant Thank You to everyone who voted for my Dahlia at Dusk photo in the Flower Contest over at Twenty20.com! With your help I made it to #25 of 2,892 entries. It wasn't enough to pass to the next round, which includes only the Top 20 - but it sure was close... and what a great ride! If you'd like to see the top 20 flowers, click here.

Twenty20 regularly hosts themed photography challenges. These are easy to enter, fun to participate in and the #1 winner usually gets a cool prize, such as their winning photo published in a book or sold as a poster in shops like West Elm. 

My two other pictures on this page also made it into the top 10% of their challenges, Relax and Pastel. To celebrate, I have decided it is time for a new Thursday Giveaway: 

On Sept. 18th two (yes, 2) winners will be randomly selected:

#1 takes home a signed 8" print of their favorite image in this post. 

#2 wins a 2" photo magnet of their fave picture on this post.

How can you enter this random drawing? 

Easy Peasy. Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog between 1 a.m. (EST) on 9/18/14 will be entered. No hoop jumping needed.

This giveaway is open worldwide and prizes ship free to winners. Good Luck!


  1. pretty! can you make the images larger? or are they small b/c that's the magnet size? good idea if the latter. but it's an art blog, so bigger is better! (images are uploading before i scroll to them, so flicker is working beautifully.)

    1. Thank you, Tiffany. If you click on the pictures they will get a bit bigger. I made them small so that they would not slow down the loading of the post - perhaps I went too small. The print will be 8" x 8" and the magnet is 2" x2"

  2. I love the Dahlia at dusk :) in fact it makes me want to do a glass mosaic of it so pretty wish I could take photos like that

  3. They're beautiful Stacey - each one is a winner to me. :)

  4. I'd like to make a pastel painting of the bee.

  5. Simply magnificent! You definitely have a way with lighting and moody effects! :)

  6. These are so beautiful. It will be a hard choice if I win.