Odds & Ends of Summer

Where has the summer gone? 
Life has been busier than expected with work and play around here. 

Summer's highlight was a visit to Acadia National Park, a welcome break from routine and the sticky Florida heat. I've shared few photos on Instagram and facebook and will pop more up here one day soon.

A close second was catching Kishi Bashi at Tampa's New World Brewery last week. 

Ever wanted to step inside a lovely decor magazine? As always, a visit to the restaurant/ bookshop/ decor store/ coffeehouse/ teashop/ eventspace Oxford Exchange was a pleasure. If you are in Tampa this space is a must-see. Also check out their online calendar; there is always something intriguing on the schedule. That's where I spotted the recent Instameet. I love a trip to OE and it was fun to meet fellow shutterbugs. Below is panoramic of the book shop. (Click the pic for a bigger view). For more photos of the meet up search the Instagram app for #OEInstaMeet. 

I also returned from my holiday in time to catch Jobsite Theater's performance of  Steven Deitz's Inventing Van Gogh. While a bit over the top (especially the second half), the play was an interesting study of truth, myth, art and obsession. There were some outstanding performances,with most cast members jumping through time to play two different characters. I look forward to seeing what actors Ned Averill-Snell (who played both Gaugin and a modern-day art expert/con man) and Greg Thompson (Van Gogh's friend Dr Gachet and a present day obsessed art professor) get up to next season. 

My next few days are filled with a bit of back-to-school prep and some projects I've committed to but procrastinated (surprise,surprise). It is all a bit hush hush for now, but I'll share when I can. 

So, what have you been up to this summer? Anything planned for fall fun?