Greenfest 2015

Last month we enjoyed one of my favorite annual events, Greenfest at Plant Park. The day was jump started with a cup of Tebella's Lavender Fog at the always photogenic Oxford Exchange.

The weather was perfect, dropping 20 degrees from the high 80s into cozy springtime temps. 

Perfect for jump starting oodles of blooms and gardeners' dreams.

All kinds of vendors filled the park with their pretties. In addition to the gorgeous plants, there were local food, spice and garden decor booths. 

It was really, really hard to not bring everything home.

We ended up with a 5 foot macadamia tree, a couple of passion vines, some kind of blue flowered climber (will have to look that one up), plus grape tomatoes and oodles of herbs. We also replenished our stash of spices from VSpicery (The kid just loves their hot blends).

If you find yourself in Tampa, FL next March, mark your calendar. It is always a fun weekend, even if you are not a plant-junkie!

And if you want to see a few more pics, pop over to my Instagram and scroll back to March 28 & 29.


  1. Definitely some gorgeous plants and new spices are always exciting

  2. How neat! I would have loved to go to this. Probably best I didn't know about it though, I too would have had a hard time not bringing home everything. I definitely would have picked up a passion vine or 3...