New piece for Garden Art Party this Saturday 4/25


You are invited to a Garden Art Party! 

If you find yourself in St. Petersburg, FL on 4/25 pop over to the Green Bench Brewing Co. between 7pm -11pm and enjoy some local art (& beer!)

Many Tampa Bay area artists in the show received a 16" square canvas board with instructions to create something inspired by nature: could be a plant, insect or other garden resident. Others have the same challenge, but are playing in 3D. 

I picked the humble bean. 

Caught this little fellow just as he was just waking up and having a good stretch. It is a mix of mediums: collaged papers, watercolors, acrylic, iridescent paint, colored pencil, pens and markers. And then finished with a UV resistant topcoat.

This project was a real pleasure. It seemed like a fun challenge... and it was! I think I'll have to make some more painted paper plants very soon. Many thanks to Blue Lucy & Green Bench Brewing for pulling this festive event together.

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