Silicon Devices Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Disclaimer:  I received a set of  Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in exchange for an honest  & unbiased review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.
Drawer/cabinet hardware
Pot handles
Paint brushes
... are just a few of the things I've snagged my traditional wired earbuds on. I'm an audio book addict and often have one playing while puttering. I'll be bouncing around the kitchen or garden, focused on my task and tale, when POP! out come the earbuds, or worse, ACK! my phone is yanked out my pocket by the connecting wire. Grumbling, I'll plug myself back in, rewind the story and get my groove back on. Has this happened to you too? I've always been a bit clumsy and this drives me crazy.

Silicon Devices has saved the day - and my patience - with some fantastic wireless bluetooth headphones! I have used them almost daily for a month and absolutely love them! Mine are connected to an iphone 5s, but they are compatible with multiple devices. These headphones are extremely lightweight and very comfortable, with different sizes of earbuds and earlocks that are easy to change out.

You can pick up a set of these Comfort+ headphones on Amazon (not an affiliate link). Mine arrived quickly and were well packaged with all of the pieces in a black zippered case.

Here's a peek at the contents. I was surprised by all of the accessories for a customized fit. There is also an instruction manual which I accidentally left out of the photo.

Testing the different silicone buds, I found my size (medium), and charged the headphones using the enclosed USB cable. They charged quickly. (A charge lasts around 4+ hours, even after a month of use). Syncing these with my phone was simple. The Dude likes to tease that I have "tech issues" but even I found the bluetooth easy to hook up. Reception is strong and stays connected until I walk a few rooms away. Sound quality is excellent. 

I love the freedom of wireless! It is perfect for when I have no pockets or need to charge my phone - and still want continue listening to music or story. It is perfect for working at the easel too. Best of all: I no longer have a wire to snag on absolutely everything. Another favorite feature is how easy it is to pause; just a click on the right headphone (which also has the volume button) temporarily holds my spot - so much faster than fumbling for my phone and finding the pause button while someone is trying to get my attention and chattering away.

1/2 asleep before morning walk. But, hey, the headphones look good!

I no longer run, so I haven't put these to an exercise test. However I do walk and garden with them in the hot Florida sun and can vouch for the "sweat proof" claim. (Remember old-school spongy headphones? They were super gross when sweaty. Yuck.) These silicone buds also have a great grip and don't fall out or become uncomfortable like the hard plastic earbuds that came with the iphone.

They also passed the kid-test. The Dude swapped in the smallest size buds and ran around the back yard without them falling out. He also keeps stealing them when they are charging and disappearing into his man-cave to play games and listen to music. I think I may have to get him his own soon.

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