GreenFest photos & Musical Monday

Phelps Farm Orchids 
 Hey there. How was your weekend? Hope you had a grand time. We had fun at the annual Plant Park GreenFest. Brought home lots of goodies & photos to share. But 1st - since it is Musical Monday here's a little something to get you in the mood:

 (or there's always the Feed Me song from Little Shop of Horrors)

D&D Growers (links to email)

By the way, if anything catches your eye, click the purple captions to visit the vendors' websites.

Interior Gardens by Kent

The kind fellow from Gross Orchids may have lifted my Black Thumb curse - he walked me through what I did wrong 10+ years ago that killed off all of my orchids. I may finally be ready to try growing them again.

Gross Orchids

In addition to the wonderful greenery, there were many plant inspired decor items. These cute glass vases hold stem or two & hang in your window. How cool is that?

Tropical Glass Creations by Steve & Kim Schramek

It is hard to see the water in the next picture, but these mosaic fountains feature porcelain teapots & cups. The teapot pours the water into the cup and then it flows to the trough (where it is pumped back up to the pot).

by Glenn David Cryer of TheGardenWall (links to email)

We also founds delicious treats, like local honey. Love this tasting display!

herb infused "Honey with a buzz" from Briar Wood Farm Herbs

I brought home some pear champagne vinegar and a few tins of savory herb blends from V Spicery. Yummy! Little Dude & I spent ages in that booth, as he had to sniff each sample. The folks running it were very patient with us.

Fleurs de Provence

In fact the whole show was very kid friendly. Jeannine Mace from Fleurs de Provence walked LD through her photo album explaining the process of growing, picking & drying lavender.

There was also a children's tent for crafts and transplanting. LD repotted some tomato & pepper seedlings to take home.

I forgot to get a card for this garden-decor vendor. I just loved how relaxed this little mermaid looked. Maybe she is listening to some cool Musical Monday tunes...

(If you are looking for more blogs with music today pop on over to Xmas Dolly, Run DMT and Bloggin with Amanda. Sharing your tunes? Leave me a note - I'd love to enjoy whatever you are listening to today.)

sorry, I missed the name of this one - lovely roses though

Well, thanks for coming along. Today it is raining buckets here (great for the plants), so these pictures seem even sunnier to me. Actually we are very lucky - the weather this weekend (& all spring) has been fantastic.

Are you feeling lucky? Have you entered the new random drawing yet?

On 4/7 one winner will be selected from all who comment to receive an item from the fun online shop Curioddities.etsy.com. For details and an interview with the artist click here. (By the way, if you picked the "Feed Me" song, you definitely want to click through & check out the unique artwork.)


  1. Oh wow, I haven't heard this song in like forever, and what wonderful pics you have shared with us. Thanks for linking up with us and we hope to see you next week too! Following you.

  2. Great pics of the Greenfest event this weekend....thanks for the plug about our little nursery..the pic you have our link on though, is not our booth, but a good neighbor who had wonderful things too !

  3. What a cool event and your song choice was a perfect match! The variety of plants are simply gorgeous! My DH is UT alumnus, but this is the first I've heard of this event on the campus.

    I just showed your post to him and he says, "Oh yeah. I've heard of it." Um....then why haven't we ever been to it???? Shame on him for sitting on that secret! Oh well. Hopefully, we'll catch it next year!

    Thanks for the MM plug! Have a great week! :-)

  4. Your song choice is a genius match to your genius photos! :) And now I REALLY want spring to hurry up and get here already! :)

    Dancing Crazy - It's Friday...wait! It's MMMM

  5. How fun event to go to and your music and video are perfect for it. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed it all :)

  6. Mitch, all fixed. Sorry about that & thanks for your patience

  7. Lovely song choice.

    Orchids are my favorite flowers.

    Glad you shared with us today.

    Lovely shots.

  8. I LOVE a green market! And the song choice was perfect.

  9. Seeing all those wonderful flowers and plants just made my day! It is finally spring...yes still cold and windy but spring all the same!!!
    I love it!
    The orchids are beautiful!

  10. Great greens great tunes! thanks for all the work you did to make this post fabulous!

  11. I love the S&G song... thanks for linking up with us this week and chosing that one, it was so soothing.
    Your photos are so beautiful and it looks like a wonderful place to go. I love trying the different local honies at our local farm market also. I recently just got some Tupelo honey...mmmmm!
    Have a great week.

  12. Now I really miss spring! It do not come here until may...

    What fun the fountains was. Looks like you had a lot of grate things to look at. Thanks for sharing your adventure.