"My Editor" from Curioddities & other artist on FaceBook

My Editor from Curioddities

Clara Boo's Curioddities just posted this to her FaceBook Fan page (http://www.facebook.com/curioddities)& I had to share. Love everything about this photo from the color & compostion to the doodles & kitty curator.

Funny thing. I was a FaceBook holdout for a long long time. I still find it a bit of a silly time sucker but one thing I love is being able to keep up with what my favorite artists are up to, especially the ones that have been kind enough to pop by the blog for a chat or studio tour.

Clara Boo is the latest featured artist & sponsoring next week's random drawing. If you missed last Thursday's visit & prize details, click here.

In my state of perpetual procrastination, I was messing about on FB & here is what a few past featured artist are up to:

Clara with Leaf Bag by Harry Boardman

Harry Boardman (of the 365 Monster project & this interview and studio tour) posted a fantastic portrait earlier tonight. Love his linework  & the model's personality feels like it is really coming through. Harry's FB is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harry-Boardman/9012343994

from lesson 2 of Pam Carriker's online  journal workshop

Remember Pam Carriker? She kindly shared her studio with us in 2009. Not only does she have a new book published, Art At The Speed Of Life, she is still now traveling the globe teaching mixed media & journaling workshops. By the way, tonight (3/31) is the deadline to sign up for her Journal 365 online workshop. Visit her website for details or her facebook http://www.facebook.com/pamcarriker.

The Albatross (+ detail) by Myke Amend

The always fantastic Myke Amend (who shared his steamy-genius & a cool prize here last fall) never stops painting (real & digital) and shares his newest creations on his site as well as his facebook wall: http://www.facebook.com/mykeamend.

And the list goes on & on.... Actually this is kinda fun. Perhaps on the Thursdays I don't have a new interview or giveaway I should do a Where are they now? post. What do you think?

Well I've got to go. I've got to get the little guy off to bed & the grown-ups dinner on the table. Tomorrow I'm doing my first judging gig for a local photo competition so I'm pretty excited (& a wee bit nervous) about that. I'll let you know how it goes.... Till then, happy creating!


  1. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.I just loved the kitty editor that color green aqua is amazing too. thanks again.

  2. Hey Stacey, thanks for posting the follow-up info about my work! You always find the best stuff and I never get tired of checking it out.

  3. Yes dearest I too could get lost in facebook for a few hours...or more! thank you for finding some wonderful artists to share with us...i'm going to check them out...hope the judging went well...my love to you...

  4. Love the features!!
    And a judge huh? That is so cool!
    I used to judge a local art competition at a private school. That was fun! To see all the budding talent. Wowzers! I loved it!
    Have fun

  5. Yeah, those cats have a tendency to get there paws into a lot of artwork. I do admire the ones tha keep up with Facebook, I wander in there once a week and stay there way to long every time...


  6. Good luck with the judging and thanks for these phenomenal links!

  7. you have the most awesome editor.
    like seriously awesome.

    im jealous.
    seriously jealous.


  8. The cat made me smile. Such creative work you've shared.

  9. Awesome. Love the works you've included, today.