New Giveaway Art Print & Monstrous Interview


Oops - sorry- my Evil Twin took over for a moment there.

Do you like creepies and crawlies and things that go bump in the night? If so, you've come to the right place! Today's featured artist is Harry Boardman of 365Monsters. I stumbled into one of Harry's Etsy shops (365Monsters.etsy.com) a couple of weeks ago and was instantly bitten smitten!

Lucky us! Harry decided to stop by with some of his menagerie. He's also generously donated a matted print, Sunset Parking Lot, for the new Thursday Giveaway. For more about this prize & how to enter the random drawing, see end of this post.

I noticed a few things while making my way through Harry's world. First, these monsters are born of a variety of mediums.

Also, each one has its own distinct personality. And habitat. For instance, #362 likes to hide by the bed, all the better to catch a pair of unsuspecting toes. You can find out more about individual beasties in both the Etsy listings and on the 365 Monster blog. And you can find out more about Harry right here:

So Harry, why monsters?

HB: "I’m just a regular guy who poses as an artist and who also happens to love monsters. While working as an artist, I usually base my pieces on traditional subjects like landscapes and portraits. But I’ve always created monster-related artwork for fun and wanted to share that on my blog 365 Monsters"

#334 Original Monster Art by Harry

HB: "A little more than a year ago I wanted to challenge myself and exercise my creative muscle. The point was to put myself on edge and take on the sort of task that normal sane people wouldn't attempt. Aside from doing all of that, this project looked simple as a whole but became difficult fast."

Readers, pop back on Halloween to hear more about Harry's past year of living with monsters. He will also give us a tour of his Lair Studio. To tide you over, here are a few more of his creations.
And remember Not ...All ...Monsters ...Hide ... Under ...The ...Bed

#285 - Original Monster Art by Harry

HB: "When the hot summer sun rises to a mere 50 feet over the ground in August, my body is drawn to the air conditioning like a moth to flame. Having done this for too too long, the yard is reaching (what we in the biz like to call) meadow status. As I attempted to cut the grass, I found that the shaggedy greenery had taken on a mind of its own and wasn't about to sit idly by and be mowed."


#136 Original Monster Art by Harry

HB: "I've used the same ink bottle to create nearly every single monster chronicled here in this blog. When I walked into the studio tonight I found that the ink had taken on a hideous and evil form of its own. As I backed out of the studio I kept my eyes on the rallying ink monsters and focused my sights on survival."

Harry, any last thoughts on Monsters today?

#274 0 Original Monster by Harry Boardman

HB: "Sometimes all it takes is the right suit."

Like, ehem, most of us Harry has a "normal" side too. You can can catch a glimpse of it while perusing the fine art & portraits in his other online shop, HarryBoardman.etsy.com. He has a variety of originals and prints available and works in several different mediums.

Now onto the Giveaway! Harry has generously donated a matted print of his painting Sunset Parking Lot. The print measures about 5.5" x 7". The Mat measures 8" x10" and will fit in a standard frame.

HB: "I was painting a giant mural in an Italian restaurant not far from where we live. On the last day I finished up and walked outside for a breath of cool air and a much needed break. I looked up at the sky and ran to my car for the camera. I started painting this piece a day later.

That’s what’s so great about painting sunsets. They’re full of color, life, and motion. No matter how similar they may be to each other at times, they are all unique and different. Including the touch of humans is part of my aesthetic.

Prints of this piece in varying sizes are available in my etsy store www.harryboardman.etsy.com or from me directly. I can be reached by phone, email, or snail mail from the “contact me” section of my site www.harryboardman.com."

Next Thursday (Nov 5) 1 lucky winner will be selected by Random.org to take home this fabulous print. Everyone who leaves a comment on this blog before noon (EST) on 11/5 will be entered into the random drawing. It is that simple.

Please be sure to come back on Halloween to see Harry's laboratory, I mean, studio and hear more about his life with monsters. See you Saturday....muhahahaha.....

You can see more of Harry's art in these places:


ALSO, if you're in Doylestown, PA Friday 10/30 drop by Estetiks on 5 Main St. for free music, food & to see Harry draw Monster #365. Info on the event is on Harry's facebook page.


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    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  8. Loving the monster art! It evokes shivvers from childhood when I know some lived in my closet and under my bed and to this day have to leave the bedroom door wide open at night! Thanks Stacey for introducing us to Harry Boardman!

  9. #285 gave me such a giggle. I've felt that way many times when the 2acre yard gets out of hand. Such delight and whimsy in each piece. Another interesting and engaging artist you've shown us, Stacey.

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