Studio Tour Saturday #10 - Ronald Ceuppens

Got your passport?

Today we're off to Belgium to visit the artist Ronald Ceuppens in his studio.

Actually, this is a tale of 2 studios. Ronald moved earlier this year so we have pictures of both the old an the new.

When first encountered his wonderful online shop Fleurographie on etsy, I was completely blown away.

It is full of fantastic etching which are both delicate & powerful.

There is an ethereal quality to many of them. Some invoke a kind of organic silence. Others have a playfulness about them.

Click on any of the art to find out more about Ronald's creations. I also strongly recommend you visit his website www.ronaldceuppens.be to fully enjoy the amazing variety of his artwork.

Let's start with Ronald's old studio. What an inspiring ambiance!

RC: My old studio has a lot of nostalgia. It was the cottage where my grandmother used to stay during summer, so there are a lot of memories for me there which you can find in my work.

RC: I feel it has been this space that gave me the opportunity to start making my work and the direction I've followed the rest of my life.

RC: I am a graphic artist who enjoys nature. I like taking long walks and the itineraries of these walks are found in my work, reduced to their abstract form.

RC: Using sketches & objects collected during these walks, I make the designs for my prints.

Reproduced in a repetitive manner they give rise to serial work in which each work speaks individually.

Ronald at work.
(This photo is from a Sept. 09 article in Ariandre at Home)

RC: View from my old studio, how I miss that place.

What's Ronald up to lately? Visit him at fleurografie.blogspot.com find out. Now, here are some shot of the new space.

RC: The reconstruction of images made up of such fragments is a way of preserving the memory of a place.

RC: In my work, I try to translate nostalgia for the past into a search for future pleasure.

Thank you, Ronald for sharing your studios with us. I just love the light in both of these spaces! It is a real pleasure to see "where the magic happens" and hear some of your thoughts that go into creating such enchanting art.

Please be sure to stop by and see some of the wonders & reflections of Ronald's world:



And pop back here next Saturday for a special Halloween guest. Thanks for stopping by.

Note 2011: Cottage photos have been recently removed at artist's request


  1. I know Ronald had good reasons, but I, myself, could have never left his first studio. His cottage is in my dreams and has been most of my life. I can stare at those photos for hours and crawl into them and hence spend a little time in that cottage! Your work, Ronald is outstanding. I love Wingboy! Thanks Stacey for introducing us to Ronald!

  2. Super nice work. Thanks Stacey and Ronald.

  3. Glad you brought his art to our attention, it is very good.

  4. Very interesting - lovely studio!

  5. Wonderful tour and work! Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Beautiful work. Simple and beautiful. Thanks for turning me on to his work.

  7. Hi, thank you all so much for your kind words. And a big thank you to Stacey for featering my work and studio here. For the ones that are interested I'll probably will give some masterclasses on the university of Alberta next year.
    All the best

  8. This is a great blog post. Keep up the awesome work!


  9. Oh girl...thank you so much for sharing this artist's work with us...I am besotted! The etchings with the stitching... I'm going off to investigate his work further. And what a contrast between the homes...but both quite beautiful... Hope all is going well for you dear girl...

  10. That's quite a talent you've showcased!

  11. Great piece. I wouldn't have been able to leave the cottage, but moving on was a good thing.

  12. Both spaces look so light and airy! Even though they are so different, they both look like great places to work.

  13. That one by Ronald Ceuppens is really beautiful. I think I would do that for living with that skill.