Saturday Studio Tour #8 - Artist Teresa Chipperfield

Welcome back to another Studio Tour Saturday!

Today we're off to Oregon to visit Teresa Chipperfield's creative spaces. Teresa, an artist & seamstress, will be walking us through her 2 separate work areas. Teresa is into so many different things; she also has multiple shops & blogs online. CLICK HERE for list of her online locations, as well as a feature about her art and creative thoughts.

By the way, Teresa has generously donated a print of her colorful painting Spring Blossom for next Thursday's random drawing. To enter this contest simply leave a comment before noon on Oct. 15th. 1 winner will receive the 8"x 10" print with free shipping. This drawing is open worldwide.

Now it is time for me to get out of the way so that Teresa can show us where she makes her magic. These first photos are of her sunny studio where she creates the paintings and sculpture found at PoppyPlace.etsy.com.

Teresa: Here are the photos of my art studio area which is technically the dining area off the kitchen. I turned it into my art studio area 10 years ago and it has stayed that way ever since. I keep saying one day I will get a bigger studio away from the house, but while the kids were young it was convenient to put down a layer of paints in between boiling potatoes and draining vegetables. It all worked very well and if I want to paint in my dressing gown and slippers nobody is going to say anything.

Teresa: You can see at present my art area is very messy; truly it isn’t usually this messy (well close). I am a very organized person in most aspects of my life but for some reason I can’t keep my art area tidy. I usually have several pieces on the go at any given time, one on the table, one on the easel and several on the floor, hence the very paint splattered floor. Do I win the award for messiest art studio?!?!

Teresa: I have a wonderful antique set of drafting drawers which I bought from a local department store when they went out of business; I can store larger pieces of art work in there lying down, which is great, but I also have to store some on the floor under the table. I have a lot of photos of my nearest and dearest on the walls, quite a few motivational sayings scattered around and of course the “Pink Monkey” is my Muse. Ok, because I spend so much time by myself creating I don’t want to look like a complete idiot talking to myself so I have the “Pink Monkey” to talk to. My sons won it for me on a trip.

Teresa: Before anyone asks, no I didn’t paint the Poppies. I wish it was one of mine, but I love to work mainly in the abstract. I love Poppies and when I saw this piece I just had to buy it - indulgent but an inspiration everyday.

Next up is Teresa's sewing space. Here she makes colorful clothing, like this Red Satin Waistcoat.

Teresa: My sewing room/office is a very cheery room off the master bedroom upstairs and all mine.

Teresa: The first photo is of my sewing table and the corner where I stash my (as yet) unorganized pile of fabrics. This is stacked on top of bins full of organized fabrics. Next to this is my cutting out table, which is a dining table that has been in our family for 3 generations. On my sewing table is a sports T- shirt patchwork quilt I am making for my son who is a freshman at college. It is some of the T’s he wore in the numerous sports he has played in over the years. A fun reminder of games played and friends made. You can also see one of the waistcoats I make. These I sell at my other etsy shop www.DesignT.etsy.com

Teresa: Next is my computer area. I love the antique desk it is on. I am an avid collector of hand held fans and books, so above the computer you can see a sample of both. The drawers on the left are full of knitting supplies, lacemaking supplies (yes, I make bobbin lace too but not as much or as often as I used to) also organized fabric and in the corner is my wrapping paper department .

Teresa: The last photo is where I store some of my artwork, in the hallway downstairs.

Teresa: I love being an Artist and a seamstress and now my kids are all off to college this year, I am going to create ‘til my heart’s content. (well ‘til Xmas anyway) Thanks for letting me show you my spaces.

Thank You, Teresa, for taking the time to show us around! Want to see more of Teresa's creations? Stop by her Etsy shops and other online locations:

Poppy Place for art
T-Artspace.com for more art
Design by T for other handmade items
Vintage T for vintage finds
Poppy Place PDX blog 1
From My Female Perspective blog 2

You can also read Thursday's interview with Teresa where she talks more about her creative processes by clicking HERE. And remember to leave a comment before noon on 10/15 to enter the random drawing for a chance to win the Spring Blossoms print.

Thanks for stopping by today & come back next week for a new featured artist and studio tour. By the way if you'd like to show off your artistic space, just contact me at the email address in my profile. The next 3 months are filled, but I am booking January onward.

Final note: I am still accepting entries for the Uprinting.com custom printed vinyl banner giveaway on 10/22 Click here for details, including how to enter


  1. What a cheerful happy place to imagine in!

  2. I love your Saturday posts! It's great to see what spaces artists have turned into their studios. My sister is an artist, and she uses their spare bedroom as a studio. It's a small room, but it works!

  3. I can relate to what Teresa says. I too am a pretty organized and neat person until it comes to my studio. It looks just like hers when I'm working on something. And my art space, sewing space, and desk/computer space are all in one 8x16' loft (just measured yesterday because I'm laying down cheap vinyl tiles).

    Great post!

  4. Thank you for showing us this. It is interesting. I find that someone who has a workplace that is well used usually produces wonderful work,don't like the neat freaks. I can understand why Teresa didn't want a workplace away from the family. The painting is just beautiful. Happy days.

  5. Wow, what a great space to work in! Love it, so bright and cheery!! I love the other outlying areas as well, every where you turn in the house there is a basket full of inspiration :)

    Stacy--check out my blog, I have a message for you!!

  6. Studio Tour Saturday! What a fantastic idea. I love seeing other people's work space.

    Snark, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my blog. Here is my deviantART handle: http://massacremike74.deviantart.com/

  7. i just love her underworld print

    hockiemack at hotmail.com

  8. I love her studio! it is so bright, and the floors look great (carpet can be such a pain when you are a painter!)

  9. The print would look great in my purple dining room!