RTT or Random Tuesday Terrors ... EEEK!

Clean Your Room!

Nah, it's not that scary - just messing with you....


Also not THAT random - when I flushed my brain today all that came out was some cobwebs & lots of Halloween stuff. And since there's no way I'm cramming it all back in, here you go. For More info click the pics:

Blood Is The New Black by Barbara Moustafa

I've been a huge fan of Barbara M. for a couple of years now. She has a great sense of dark whimsy in many of her pieces. You can view more of Barbara's art in her DeviantArt Gallery & etsy shop.

Pop on by the Dark Artists Guild. They've got creepy stuff to share all year long.

Dracula Bot by BoltsandBots

Ok, not so scary but I couldn't resist. You want scary? Maybe you should go with the Borat Bot.

Count Dracula by M.S.Corley

I've found a new fave on etsy - M.S. Corley Illustration & Design. There's a whole section called Horrors of Literature! What's not to love?!

Gothic Rose has been in my bookmarks forever. Looks like a fun place to visit

GoodNite Goon by Michael Rex

Back to the theme of Not So Scary - here's what Little Dude & I were reading tonight.

Free Vintage Poison Labels from Spookshows.com

A couple of my faves for you DIY types. Click thru for more free images

free vintage Halloween cards from VintageHolidayCrafts.com

Ok Ok it's Twilight inspired. I think this one fits for Halloween too. If you're a fan, Deborah Bohm has Twilight Art over at her blog Deborah Dare Art. She belongs to the The Outsider Artist blog & they have a bunch of the movie inspired creations posted right now. If you're not a Twilighter ...just play nice, go visit The Un Mom - Goddess of Tuesday Chaos (also not an Edward fan) & wait for the sun to come up....


Want to see more of my Halloween Faves? Click Here for the Oct 13 post which features lots of etsy finds for All Hallows Eve

By the way have you entered this week's random drawings? If not click for details & pics of prizes.

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  1. Thanks Stacey...some really neat stuff here, all up my alley>

  2. Very interesting RTT! Different, and that I like.

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I love so many of them! I think the bot is my favorite, though!

  4. I love the vintage Halloween card! That's more my style. A woman we know from church just sent both my daughters a Halloween card in the mail. They were so thrilled to actually get mail!

  5. I found a new favorite site, thanks to you! GothicRose Antiques and Curiosities, wow, amazing. Thanks Stacey, you are alwayas so generous!

  6. Cool pieces!!! Not so scary but definitely fitting! LOL! I am a Twilight fan...but of the book; not so much the movie!

  7. As always...great post, great links...thanks !!!

  8. Hi. Some of them are really great. I love Halloween art and the vintage Halloween card is very nice. Thanks for sharing these.

    Take care,

  9. Blood is the new black. I like that one.

  10. Great stuff...I discovered an Etsy shop I really like and a couple of websites to look up later...thanks for posting this.

    Have a great evening!