New Giveaway - Art Print by Teresa Chipperfield

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

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This week's Thursday Giveaway brings us the colorful creations & thoughts of artist, Teresa Chipperfield. Teresa is one very busy lady with multiple online shops, blogs & a website. She works with a variety of materials including fabric, paints, inks and even ink boxes!

Please Don't Sit On Me I'm Fragile by Teresa Chipperfield

This whimsical chair measures 32" high and was created out of Windsor & Newton ink boxes. What Fun! You can find it in Teresa's online art shop, PoppyPlace.etsy.com. Throughout this post, clicking on most of the photos will take you to more info on the item.

The 1st thing that caught my eye over at Poppy Place was the splash of colors.

Swirling Ribbons by Teresa Chipperfield

Then all of the movement & textures - This is art that doesn't sit still!

The new Thursday Giveaway prize is an 8" x 10" print of Teresa's painting Spring Blossoms. To enter next Thursday's random drawing just leave a comment on this blog before noon (EST) on 10/12. 1 winner will be picked by Random.org. Contest is open worldwide with free shipping.

Lucky for us, Teresa has stopped in today to talk about her vibrant art.

Teresa, what can you tell us about
Spring Blossoms?

Teresa: The original art work hangs in our home it is one of my Hubby’s favorite pieces. It is a favorite in our house, partly because we love flowers and gardening so much, but also because the colors remind us of berries and cream which we love eating. It brings us joy and so that was the reason for keeping it in our home.

Teresa: The original "Spring Blossoms” is a pretty large piece 46 x 33 (framed) under glass Mixed Media on heavy duty watercolour paper. The print is a 10 x 8 laser print on card stock. I have never sold prints before, but as we love this piece so much (and anyone who see it loves it) I wanted to share the joy with other people too.

How do you go about creating one of your abstract pieces?

Teresa: I love working in the abstract form. This piece was started with a powerful lavish swirling base of gesso on heavy duty watercolor, then the fun begins. I poured several different color inks on top and as the gesso is dry at this point there is a great resistance and lack of absorption which pushes the ink into the ridges and valleys formed by the dry gesso. It takes several days for the inks to dry but the movement is wonderful.

So, from there depending on how that layer dries dictates the placement of the next layer of inks, even then they may not stay where I place them but that for me is the joy of letting go of control and going with the flow, quite literally. Most of my pieces are worked in this manner, lots of layers, some as few as 5, some as many as 15. With “Spring Blossoms” I added acrylics last but they will be added several times on other pieces, it depends on how the piece is “speaking” to me at the time.

Teresa: My artwork reflects my life as a Woman, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend. Each layer upon layer builds on a parallel with events that affect my life and emotions. My art evolves into a piece with raw emotion and passion reflecting my path of joy, struggles and determination to enjoy a full loving life. My hope is that my artwork will speak to each individual independently, not influenced by an agenda, yet quietly moving the response of emotions.

While most of the art in Poppy Place is original, you've decided to start offering prints. What can you tell us about the new Pretty In Pink original canvas & prints?

In honour of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought I would offer this 24" painting on canvas "Pretty In Pink". It was created a few years ago for a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness art show held in the lobby of City Hall in Portland Oregon. It was an amazing show all the art work was created by people who either had lived with cancer, survived cancer or people who had been directly affected by cancer through Family or Friends. I created "Pretty In Pink" to honour my Aunt and cousins. 50% of the sale price will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Teresa: I am so excited. "Pretty In Pink" prints will be offered this month as a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen foundation, 20% of each print sold will be donated. These prints are available on either cardstock or 24lb paper.

Many thanks for stopping by Theresa. I've enjoyed your work & visiting all of your online spots. And I look forward to your Studio Tour this Saturday.

So, readers, pop back in 2 days to see where Teresa creates her artwork & clothing. She'll also show us some of her fabric creations on Saturday. Click Here For Teresa's Studio Tour. If you'd like to see more before then, check out her various online locations:

Poppy Place for art
T-Artspace.com for more art
Design by T for other handmade items
Vintage T for vintage finds
Poppy Place PDX blog 1
From My Female Perspective blog 2

And remember to leave a comment here before noon on 10/15 to enter the random drawing for a chance to win the Spring Blossoms print.

Final note: I am still accepting entries for the Uprinting.com custom printed vinyl banner giveaway. Click here for details, including how to enter


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