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Red's True Love

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.  - C.S. Lewis

I am finally taking on a belated New Year resolution and tackling the wobbling mounds of unfinished pieces. Though I'm not too thrilled with the end result, I'm calling it a day on this one.

Can you believe this 1st doodle posted here in '08? Sheesh

Last weekend I ignored all of the bad reviews & went to see the latest version of Red Riding Hood. Yep, it was pretty bad... but I do love all things wolfy, so I was happy. I  also remembered that this drawing was faithfully waiting for me. So I had another go. Unfortunately I haven't yet figured out how to photograph the shiny gold bits. The dull rectangles, text & squiggle around Red's eye are a shimmery gold foil that was already on the paper. This adds a nice bit of flash & contrast to the original.

The IllustrationFriday prompt Duet has so much potential. Are you playing along this week? If so, do tell & I'll be by to check it out. If not, it is still worth clicking through to IF & seeing what others have have been inspired to create.

Regarding Little Red & her Love: the question remains will they serenade the moon together ? Or is it true that " One beast and only one howls in the woods by night. The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he's as cunning as he is ferocious; once he's had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do" ?


These sentences open Angela Carter's short story The Company of Wolves. I've been reading her collected shorts in Burning Your Boats, which include some juicy takes on well known fairy tales.  I've always loved the old stories but the last few years the characters have been creeping up on me again.  I've been picking up everything from The Brother's Grimm to Chesterton at the local library -  makes me want to paint again....


On a final note, any comment left before 4/7  enters you in the random drawing for a piece of art (value $20 or less) from Curioddities.etsy.com. Click here for prize details and an interview with the artist,  Clara Boo, who's is a fan of the dark side with a wonderful sense of humor.


  1. Love your Red Riding hood piece...especially her expression looking at the wolf. I did one recently too. LOL. guess everything influences everybody. gerri

  2. i like how it turned out!!! sometimes it is fun to go rework a piece & see how it evolves!=)

  3. the movie couldnt possibly be as bad as suckerpunch.

    love the illustration!

  4. Nice piece! I have a special fondness for wolves too, though I've never met one in real life. They disappeared from Japan some time ago.

  5. A really interesting piece. I so like your style, and would love to know what parts of this one you're not crazy about. Fairy tales and myth are my catnip, too.

  6. Absolutely amazing work of art! Love this!

  7. I love the composition, the colors and the mark making you did for the hair on both little red and the wolf. Much, much improved since 2008! It's amazing how our work evolves over time. Connie :)

  8. I like the rework!

    I didn't think the movie was all that bad. It definitely could have been better though.

  9. I love the atmosphere and mystery of it! :)