Musical Monday - Jude

Listening to Jude tonight

Felt like sketching so doodling up some ACEOs.

Off to scribble some more. Wishing you a creative week!

If you are looking for new tunes or want to share your own, visit RunDMT & Bloggin' with Amanda.

If you haven't yet entered Thursday's random drawings for Bethalynne Bejema's super cool art books, leave a comment before 1 a.m. (EST) 4/28 to get your name in the hat. Click here for details & a chat with this talented artist.


  1. Oh I remember that movie. I love that movie. Thanks for playing along with us today and I hope to see you next week too. Have a great week. Following you.

  2. OMG i love the City of Angels movie! thanks for sharing this beautiful music video. great pick!

  3. how i wish i can scribble like that during my quiet moments... beautiful picture!

  4. very cool never hear this before it is so nice to share artists I have never come across before!

  5. Guess I better go turn on the music as I have no creativity this past week.
    I guess we all go through this once in awhile. Thanks for the inspiring ATC.

  6. What a great song! So beautiful! And you sketch is just lovely. The colors and the imagery is simply stunning.

    Thank you for the MM shout out. Sorry I didn't visit sooner. It's been one crazy week!