We have 2 New Winners!!!

I've been a bit scarce this week on all fronts. Got the bright idea to seriously tuck into the pigsty studio and control some chaos this week. Sheesh - what was I thinking?! I seem to be making more mess than headway.... c'est la vie.

So thanks for your patience (these random drawings were supposed to go off yesterday). Now, let's get to it!

blank book, notecards & decor/growing book

The winner of the floral themed destash giveaway is....  Denice (Inkstitch) !

Indigene will have her doodle or name included on the graffiti wall found on the last page of  graphic novel #1 in the Black Ibis series. 

The Black Ibis, Book 1 by Bethalynn Bejema

The talented writer/artist Bethalynne Bejema raised the funds to print Book #1 using Kickstarter.com. You can find out more on her kickstarter page or in this interview from 4/14.

Winners, I will contact you with details for claiming your prizes.  Thank you everyone who took the time to leave a comment over the last couple of weeks.

Looking for another chance to win? Leave a comment before 1 am (EST) next Thursday (4/28) to enter another great giveaway from Betyhalynne Bejema. Two random folks will be selected to take home copies of the artist's previous publications. 

One lucky winner gets a copy of Sepia 

and the other fortunate soul will receive Gloomy Sunday, a book of dark pinups. You can find out more about both of these prizes by clicking the links or checking out the interview post (which also happens to be ripe with eye-candy).


  1. Congrats to winners :)

    It looks like Bethalynne Bejema got her funding on kickstarter. What an amazing talent :)

    Sorry, I haven't been around recently been rather sick :(

    Anyway, have a lovely Easter, cheers, T. :)

  2. Bethalynne Bejema is an amazing talent and I love the ideas behind her novels! Thanks for these great opportunities! :)

  3. congratulations to your lucky winner !