The House of Decadent Delusion interview & giveaway (ends 9/22)

Jardin du Luxemboug necklace from DecadentDelusion

Hey you! How has your day been? I'm just heading over to The House Of Decadent Delusion - care to join me? Susan Gualtier's Etsy shop is full of all sorts of lovely creations & crafting supplies. I've also heard a rumor that she is sponsoring the new random drawing here (more info on this later). C'mon, grab your hat and let's go check it out...

I recently met Susan over at the Time Travelers Team on Etsy. We've been talking about crafting supplies and Art trading cards for a couple of weeks and she invited us to pop by and say hello. While we are wandering around, if you need additional info be sure to click the links.

Lot of hand dyed silk cocoons from DecadentDelusion

Susan Gualtier: Welcome to the House of Decadent Delusion, where you can find handmade jewelry and fiber arts by the most decadent of crafters.... myself!  This shop is my "house in the countryside," where I can feel free to retreat into an ideal artistic world of my own creation.

Sometimes people ask about the name of my shop. It's derived from the decadent movement in art and literature, and in particular from the book "Against the Grain", by Joris-Karl Huysman, which has greatly influenced the way I think about art, aesthetics, and life. If you are curious, you can find out about this book from this excellent Wikipedia article.

Knitted Handspun Neckwarmer from DecadentDelusion

Hi, Susan. Many thanks for letting us drop in today! I have oodles of questions for you. First up - You work in a variety of materials. What are your favorites and why?

SG: My favorite media are wool and metal collage. I love combining colors and textures, and both spinning and metal collage allow me to do that. Both are a lot of fun.

Chocolate Butterfly Metal Collage Necklace from DecadentDelusion

You have everything from cute-n-fluffy to spooky Halloween in you shop. Are there any special Muses that influence your creations?

SG: I am very interested in art nouveau and the literature and culture of the fin de siecle. I also love surrealist art and literature. Finally, I am a fashion junkie. I admire designers like Alexander McQueen, who blurred the line between art and fashion. If I could have one particular talent, that would be it.

Art Nouveau Inspired Collage Necklace from Decadent Delusion

Do you listen to music while creating? If so, what is on your current playlist?

SG: I usually like it to be quiet when I create, but I do listen to a lot of music. I mostly enjoy punk rock and indie bands. Right now, one of my favorite bands is actually Taylor Momsen's band, the Pretty Reckless. She has a great voice.

What are your Top 3 favorite Etsy Shops?

SG: It's impossible to choose just three! I love Calliope's Attic, Paloma Antigua, and Miss Fickle Media for metal supplies, Loop and BohoKnitterChic for spinning fiber, and Melia's Muse and Art Snark (of course!) for feeding my ACEO addiction.

Vintage Copper Scarab Ring with Watermelon Tourmaline from Decadent Delusion

((blushes)) Is there anything you want to share about your new found love of ACEOs? For anyone unfamiliar with ACEOs (Art Cards Editions & Originals), they are mini-artworks. ACEOs can be made in any medium, always measure 3.5" x 2.5"... and are a great way to collect pieces by your favorite artists without breaking the bank.

SG: No, just that it only takes one to become an addict :)

Upholstery ACEO by DecadentDelusion

What do you like to do when you are not making fun stuff?

SG: Go out with friends, eat delicious food, read, learn, go to museums, see live music, and play with my cats.

100% Donation item all proceeds go to The Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Okay, here is a silly one for you - If you would have any superpower what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?

SG: I would be a vampire, and I'd mostly use it for good. I definitely wouldn't sparkle.

Chocolate Vampire Kisses earrings by Decadent Delusion

Thanks, Susan, for letting us pop by today! Oh, and I think I heard something about a new prize? What wonderful goodies are you giving away to one lucky winner?

SG: A pair of white lace owl earrings. These fabulous lace earrings are a collaboration with my Mom (She goes by Millinery Mary on Etsy) She embroidered the owl pendants using a computerized embroidery machine. They are "free standing lace," which means that they are super lightweight, yet sturdy and rigid enough to function as beads and pendants for making earrings and other jewelry. I have accented each owl with a clear AB Swarovski crystal. Each earring measures approximately 1 1/2 inches long and is attached to a silver plated ear wire.

Ooh, thanks for sharing! These are really cute (& perfect for Halloween).   

Want to enter the random drawing for a pair of Susan's Lace Owl Earrings?

Want a second entry? Next jump over to DecadentDelusion.Etsy.com, pick out your favorite item & share it back on this blog before the deadline.

I want to thank Susan again for letting us drop in on her today & for sponsoring this fun random drawing. I also want to thank everyone who came along for the ride and took the time to share their thoughts. The featured artists and crafters really appreciate your comments. Plus it is your interest that keeps these interviews and giveaways coming.

Want to see more of Susan's creative world before you head out today? 


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