Musical Monday - Dayton, Ohio 1903

1900s postcard from OldTymeNotions.etsy.com

My inner square is showing today. I've been revisiting some early Randy Newman over a cuppa while scrubbing new copper etchings. 

While I will admit to getting flashes of Buzz & Woody in old lady hats, I'm really enjoying this little ditty.

Ladies drink wine for picnic lunch from ChristmasAngel.etsy.com

What are you up to this week? I'm still playing catch up. Some kinda flu slowed me down for the last couple of weeks, but I'm finally back among the living. Desperately trying to tidy up the workspace... although my head is in the clouds with all of the new artsy ideas banging around.

Vintage photo sweethearts from SheSitsByTheSeashore.etsy.com

Looking for some new tunes this week? Or want to share your personal soundtrack?


Pop on over to Xmas Dolly, catch the Musical Monday bug and ride the wave.

Dad & daughter...summer day from maclancy.etsy.com

I think I'm sticking with the oldies this week. I've got a really cozy time-warp vibe going on. I'm off to crank up the Victrola & whip up a new batch of lemonade. Wishing you a fantastic week!

c1900 Romantic Lovers Postcards from karenelmquistvintage.etsy.com 

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  1. Oh I love it, and love the old pics too! Stop by on Friday when we do the Friday Flashback & everyone Posts old pics of their family. Cute song too! Thanks for playing along & have a rockin' week!

  2. Perfection!! Love it and these old pics are fabulous!

  3. The music and the artwork are a perfect combination. You are so talented, mama.

  4. The old photos are awesome! I love the song you picked to.
    Come by if you wish.
    ~Naila Moon


  5. Love the music and the pics! Thanks!

  6. I agree. I love it and the combination! I love seeing older photos. Such stories told.

  7. I loved the nastalgia mojo you had going with this week's MMMM. Great fun!