Over The River & Through The Woods

Red's winter walk

For the CreativeSouls self portrait challenge #7 "winter/Christmas". Click image to enlarge
Over the river, and through the wood,
No matter for winds that blow,
Or if we get the sleigh upset
Into a bank of snow
-from song by Lydia Maria Child

If you are a creative-type and not yet a member of CreativeSouls.ning.com I recommend you check it out. There are all types of imaginative folks over there. Plus oodles of fun activities, promotion opportunities, and artistic challenges to get your juices flowing. CS describes itself as "A diverse gathering of creative souls, a place to help promote each other. Discover new & interesting people. ~ALL creative people welcome~"  

On other fronts, all is fine here. A family member's health scare & visit to the emergency room led to surgery, complications, and a hospital stay. But he's out of the woods now and at home recovering. This year we have lots to be thankful for!

close up of "Stay" ACEO

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  1. Thank you for the Thanksgiving greeting at my blog. All the best to you & yours :) Always so great to hear from you, Stacey.

  2. Hi dear girl, Love the first image... Pleased the family drama has settled down..no matter how hard we try life remains hectic doesn't it...take care...

  3. Very happy to hear that the family crisis was resolved, it must have been quite a scare, and i am glad that that is all that is was in the end. great to have you back creating again, and thank you for all the lovely thoughts and creative gifts Stacey, wonderful to see you back in action! :) be well! <3

  4. Happy Thanksgiving you as well, and I LOVE your Red Riding Hood images! It's obvious you have a very deep, personal relationship with the character, and the many things she symbolizes.

  5. What fun... going to check out those links.
    And beautiful piece... love the pop of color and the texture of the added wording.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. So glad to hear that your husband is recovering. Love "Red's Winter Walk" and the ACEO too. Let's know that December will be less hectic and totally healthy for you and your family!
    Hugs, Linda