We Have Winners!

A quick & dirty post today - I am so far behind schedule it is absurd. Sorry this has been such a dead space this past month. Life has been keeping me overwhelmed. Honestly I am glad to see the backside of November.

But onto better things! The 2 winners of my print giveaway have been drawn using random.org
And they are (drum roll........)

Ginnie Marie from LemonDropPie

Denise from DeniseIsRunDMT

Congratulations to the winners!! Pick your favorite piece of my art from my blog, Etsy shop (including sold items), or DeviantArt Gallery. Then let me know what it is and I will ship it to you.

Thanks to everyone who left comments & entered. I'll have a new giveaway starting soon and will be posting more regularly this month.

Best wishes for a wonder-filled December!


  1. Congrats to the winners!!

  2. Thanks for writing on my FB page, Stacey! I moved over to WordPress, so that's why you might have trouble getting on my blog...it's been a very time-consuming process! I'm so excited to be a winner! Thank you!