2011 - what really matters

The Happy Couple Dec. 24 2011

Planning on sharing a highlights of 2011 post today,  I enjoyed wandering through memories of friends made, books read, destinations visited, artwork created & other wonders enjoyed this year. Then I decided that my 2011 can be summed up in 1 word:


Loved ones gained & lost. Unions & reunions. A couple of close shaves. All made me appreciate & enjoy those close to me (& those far away) more than ever.  I've blogged less and hugged more.  For some people this is normal but for me.... not so much. 

Me, my Dad & my stunning Sis

We just returned from 2 weeks of visiting our New England relations. There was a fabulous gathering on Christmas Eve to celebrate the wedding of my Dad to his lovely bride. 

Little Dude's new Uncles & Aunt

A grand time was had by all...

.... and the bride wore Etsy!

Anyone who hangs out here knows I have a soft spot for all things handmade. This gorgeous dress was created by the designing duo from EllanaCouture.Etsy.com. <----Visit the link for more fantastic finds from this talented team.  

custom hand dyed scarf from Everywitchway.etsy.com

If you are into fun fashion, also pop by Everywitchway.Etsy.com to check out the yummy made to order hand-dyed velvet scarves. I love mine! This fluffy wrap brought together my silk top & crinkly skirt, while perfectly matching the red velvet party shoes. (Thanks again, Cyn & Kat!!)

So what does 2012 hold?

I predict good times, fun folks, new challenges and lots & lots of images. Plus a host of cool giveaways, studio tours & guest artists visiting my little corner of the internet.

Which reminds me - if you have not yet entered tomorrow's random drawing, get to it! Leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. (EST) to enter. On January 1st 2012 two random winners will start their New Year with a splash of good luck and a gift certificate to MeiFaithStudio on Etsy! 

Chinese Pagoda Limited Edition Print from MeiFaithStudio

Psst.... I'll let you in on a secret.... your odds are really good. Travels, computer woes and my slacker nature slowed posting in December... so very few folks have commented since this contest began. For giveaway details and a visit with the artist/jewelry designer who generously donated the first prizes of 2012 click here.

Wishing you a wonderful end to 2011 and a Happy And Healthy (& Lucky) New Year!!


  1. Happy New Year my dear sweet friend!
    Beautiful wedding pics and that dress is fabulous!! I visited their store...wow!!! Nice dresses for sure.

  2. Happy, happy 2012 and thank you SO much for showing off your scarf :-) So very glad you love it and doesn't the couple (and You!)look stunning!!!! Wonderful event and you all look so very happy, bride and groom just gorgeous and look oh so happy :-) So nice to see love found later in life, right? Love is often wasted on the young :-D. Hugz, Cyn