Chillin' with the Etsy Taste Test

Autumn Jewel Print from fictionshop on etsy
Have you taken the Etsy Taste Test?

Etsy says "Anyone can use without joining. Get recommendations based on your taste." Click the link above to check it out.

Antique French Danger Wooden Sign from Invisible Gallery

While some folks don't care for it, I am a big fan of this feature. Basically Etsy shows you some items and you click on your fave. If you don't like any, choose the "show different items" phrase above the group of photos.

Bandit Fox from Adatine

Keep plugging away. A few selections later Etsy fills your screen with stuff they think you will like. 

Sometimes the items seem spot on...

Cheshire ACEO from 2

(Sadly you can't have this cool cat as he is coming home with me. Wouldn't it be a fab phone/ipad case too?)

MOD Retro Squares from studio 724

Sometimes the recommendations leave you scratching your head.

some of my Etsy Faves

Sometimes it seems like Etsy just mined your "favorites"

My Home Is The Sea sewn print from Clare Elesseare

And sometimes you will fall in love.

Mood Rocking Bed from Shiner International

But if you don't..... just take the test again. Easy Peasy.

When I need to shut the brain off & just chill this feature really hits the spot. Where else will you find a French crown....

Antique French Crown from checkeredApron

for sale beside a vigilante amphibian

Frog Bandit Vinyl Wall Decal from wilsongraphics

and studly Bob the Robot?

Bob the Robot coin bank/sculpture from Nelles

Need a break? Get to it!  CLICKETY CLICK HERE & have some mindless fun :) You never know.... you might even find that perfect something you didn't even know you were searching for.

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  1. What a neat feature. I tried it for about 10 minutes. They didn't come up with items that blew my skirt up! Ha!