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Pagoda Emperor's Summer Palace Temple photo from Mei Faith Studio

Hey there. How have you been? Holidays keeping you busy? You look like you could use a breather. Why don't you take off that coat and stay a while. Today we're visiting with Sherry Pompey Leonard from MeiFaithStudio.Etsy.com. I ran into Shelley during the 4 day Etsy Come Together Team's Black Friday through Cyber Monday Online Sale last month. (Now that was a lot of fun! Ran into some old friends, made new one, had a few sales and even got some Christmas shopping in)

She kindly agreed to stop by for a chat and to sponsor the latest Thursday Giveaway. If you are in a rush, pop to the bottom of the post for prize details. But if you can spare a few minutes, join us for virtual tea & cookies (or other favorite imaginary, zero calorie snack). We'd love to have you! 

Pink Goddess Turquoise necklace & bracelet from Mei Faith Studio

Shelly plays with a variety of mediums including photography, painting and jewelry design. You can click on any of the captions in this post for more info about her wonderful creations. Now that we've restoked the fireplace and settled into our cozy chairs, let's start with a few fun questions:

When did you first become interested in art & jewelry design?

SPL: I have been "creating" for as long as I can remember. My mom is always telling me stories about how I would sit with a few pieces of blank paper and a box of {that famous} 64 crayons for hours and just draw. As I grew, my interests in art & creating grew too. Before our soon-to-be four children came into my life, I was an upcoming self taught artist. Several of my paintings sold in local galleries and online. I walked away from it all after {adopting} coming home with our first daughter, Francesca Mei, in 2005 from China. It was at that time I needed to focus my energy on my daughter and myself. 

Love Sibling Sisters Adoption from Mei Faith Studio

SPL: As the years past, I settled into motherhood ~ started a life as a stay at home wife & mom ~ and focus all my attention in growing our family {through the miracle of adoption}. Once our second daughter, Annabelle Faith, came home in 2008, I wanted to show & teach my daughters that even though you are a mom, you can still do what you love - and for me that is creating! After taking a few jewelry design classes and falling in love with all those semi precious gemstones, I knew I found where I needed to be. So I opened up my shop on etsy back in April of 2009 with about 30 pieces of sterling silver & semi precious one-of-a-kind jewelry creations and Mei Faith Studio was born.

Dangle Blue Green & Sterling Earrings from Mei Faith Studio

What are your favorite materials and why?
SPL: Anything that I can express my visions with....whether it be with semi precious gemstones, a paint brush, a camera lens, or that box of 64 {still my favorite} crayons! It’s all about creating!

Which came 1st the painting, photography or jewelry?
SPL: Painting came first {picked up my first serious paint brush back in grade school} - than photography {took some advanced photography classes when in high school through a local college} - than jewelry. 

Dusk Old World Nighttime from Mei Faith Studio

Where do you find inspiration?
SPL: Everywhere and anywhere...but it is the simple things I see, like a certain color, shape and/or design, which gets my imagination working...

Heaven's Eye Photograph from Mei Faith Studio
Do you listen to anything while creating?
SPL: Music...some days it is classical while other days it is very "alternative" ~ Theory of a Deadman is HUGE on my iPod!

What is the last book/movie you read/watched?
SPL: Seeing how it is Christmas time, I am glued to my TV watching all those holiday Hallmark, Lifetime, AMC and TCM movies! For me it doesn't matter if I've seen them {many times} before, I always enjoy watching them and it makes the holiday season that more real.

Red Star & Sterling Christmas Pendant from Mei Faith Studio

What do you like to do when you are not creating?
SPL: Be with my family - first and foremost but I also LOVE to travel, cook, and read (but lately I don't have much time for reading).

What do you think about selling on Etsy.com? Do you sell in other venues?
SPL: Etsy is wonderful...but at times I think your shop can get lost. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am at (once again) and while my shop is still a "work in progress", I am finally feeling like I am getting noticed ~ for my creations, customer relations and {most of all} quality. As for selling on other web sites, I have used eBay and Ruby Lane in the past. Both have proven to be exciting and profitable. I also have a few of my artistic creations available in local boutiques and galleries here in the metro DC area, Serendipity and Hope Floats.

What are your 3 favorite etsy shops?
SPL: Only three...Oh My Gosh ~ that's a hard one but I'll try...

Asian Blue Vintage Setting Moon Trees Pendant from TheVenusCollection

TheVenusCollection - Not only is her shop AMAZING but she is a very talented artist, she is super cool, and she always there when needed...

Hanukkah Holiday Glycerin Soaps from TheBathFactory

TheBathFactory - Again, AMAZING SHOP ~ wonderful products and Michelle {the owner} is just super sweet!

Personalized Christmas Angel Ornament from Gufobardo

Gufobardo - Her creations are so unique and she is super easy to work with!

Lapis Lazuli & Aragonite Necklace with Painted Porcelain Pendant from ExoticTreasuresJewels

I also have to mention one more ~ ExoticTreasuresJewel ~ Suzanne & Tony are great people and have amazing creations that I truly believe need to be recognized and considered when shopping on etsy!

Red Lanterns Photograph from MeiFaithStudio

If you could have any superpower what would it be? 
SPL: It would be to "see the future". Not sure if that's considered a "superpower" but I  would love to be able to see the future, pick out winning lottery numbers, and help people {everywhere} that are in need with my winnings. Whether it is with feeding the hungry, providing medical assistance/care, housing, clothing, transportation, adoption funding, and...(well you get the idea) ~ there is only so much I can do by lending my time & talents to those in need. 

Fire & Ice Set of 3 Bracelets from MeiFathStudio

SPL: While I so dislike to think that money solves everything ~ it sure helps. And if I could help someone else who is struggling because of finances (because trust me ~ we all have been there) or if extra finances could help me get to that person in need ~ that would mean the world to me. I am a firm believer in "Pay It Forward", "Giving Back" and "Think About Others More Than Yourself". If we all lived our lives by these basic mottos, our world would be a much better place.

Chinese Girl Youth photograph MeiFaithStudio

Shelly, thanks so much for stopping by today and sharing your thoughts and creations! Also, thank you for sponsoring the final prizes of 2011!

$10 Gift Certificate from MeiFaithStudio

Yep, I said prizesDear visitor, Shelley has generously donated two gift certificates to her colorful Etsy Shop. On January 1st two lucky winners will be randomly selected - each will receive a $10 gift certificate to Mei Faith Studio. What a great way to start the New Year! 

How to enter? Simply leave a comment on my blog between now and 1 a.m. (EST) on January 1, 2012. It is that easy. This random drawing is open worldwide. But you cant enter if you don't comment, so get cracking!

Again, many thanks to today's featured guest, Shelley. And hearty thank yous to all who pop by and leave their thoughts. The artists viewed here often mention that your comments mean a great deal to them. Sometimes your feedback is just what is needed to give them a little boost or encourage the muse to come out and play. So, thank you for stopping by today and sharing our chat & virtual cookies. Hope to see you again soon & best wishes for a wonderful day!


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