Feeling Lucky

Life, like photography, is all about perspective.

I was a bit glum this morning as heavy rains = no lacquering . So, I knocked out some paperwork until the sky cleared. Tattooed wooden hands are now ready to ship to the upcoming Tangent Gallery's INK show in Detroit. I'll share them here soon too.

Now I'm just happy I don't have to water the garden tonight - cool.

Off to the War Horse opening night at The Straz Center with my fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers. We are attending as guests of the The Straz - how cool is that?! Pop back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it. 

Are you looking for something free to do in Tampa tonight? Samsara is at the Tampa Theatre for one night only. It looks like some amazing eye-candy! I'll have to catch it on DVD but the stunning visuals look perfect for the big screen. Click here for info on tonight's 7:30 pm showing.

The good fortune continues... I've been approached by some new sponsors for Thursday Giveaways, so in a week or two and We'll start spread the luck (& love) around!

So, do you feel lucky today? 


  1. Ha- I may be at War Horse tonight too! Someone has offered me a ticket, but I still have to figure out some schedule conflicts. Guess we'll see!

  2. I saw those horse puppets on TV. They are amazing! So life-like. Enjoy and let us know what you think!