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Carnivore - Polaroid Emulsion Transfer

“And the wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.”  ― Maurice SendakWhere the Wild Things Are

Digging into the archives for this week's IllustrationFriday.com challenge, 'Wild'. A bit too much on my plate just now to play along properly, but I can't let such a vibrant prompt pass by unnoticed. Carnivore is a Polaroid emulsion transfer of a sketch I made years ago. I took a museum class where we were encouraged to sketch the sculptures - this was a big-ole charcoal doodle on newsprint based on Antoine-Louis Bayre's bronze sculpture Tiger Attacking an Antelope.

From an earlier post: "I love playing with Polaroid transfers, especially the emulsion transfers. Once the image has been heated & lifted from the substrate, it floats in the warm water bath like some kind of funky jellyfish. You can then stretch & fold it (carefully though as it easily tears) before removing & sticking to your choice of surface. In this case, I used canvas paper. While the emulsion was still wet I had fun tearing into the edges. I think the subtracted bits finish out the whole predator feel."

Visit IllustrationFriday for more takes on the prompt. If you are feeling inspired, be sure to share your wild-side and then link up over at the I.F. site before the week is out.

On the aside, I recently read Christopher Bonano's Instant: the Story of Polaroid for the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts book club and enjoyed it much more than expected. Definitely recommend if you are curious about the history of this iconic extinct company and its innovative creator, Edwin Land. 

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