A splash of INK on Music Monday

Been listening to lots of Kishi Bashi lately - 151a got me over the hump on the wooden hands I "tattooed" for last weekend's Detroit art-event, INK. You can listen to the whole album over at his website.  

Kishi Bashi 151a

Singer, songwriter Kaoru Ishibashi is pretty freaking impressive in action. Using his voice and violin he builds and loops layers of sound to form the final music. Watch/listen to him do this for the folks at NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts.

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On a different note: The tattoo-themed art extravaganza INK took off like a rocket, flames and all last weekend!

© Chris Gustafson

The fire wielder is Heather Manasco. And, yes, the hanging model, Lotus Purgatory, has hooks through her skin. 

© John Wiley

Curated by Diane Irby and Adam Layne (above photo), this event at Detroit's Tangent Gallery was definitely the place to be - with loads of live action, a variety of vendors and hundreds of pieces of tattoo inspired artwork from around the globe

Photographer Kelly Datillo and model Sarah Robinson (aka Danica Vagabond) pose for a snapshot in front of their collaboration.

© John Wiley

How much fun is this Jeff Shea & Brent James Harris winged sculpture?

© John Wiley

John Wiley took a cool shot of my (now sold) wooden hands reaching out of the wall. I still have to clean up and share the few pics I took before they shipped. Here's one:

Once Upon A Time and  Ever After

I'd been thinking what kind of body art might have appealed to the famously naughty Pinocchio while still made of wood. Here he carries around a vibrant narrative of his many adventures. Perhaps he hopes they will remind him to be a "good boy". Pop back later this week for some closeups and a few more shots of the show.

Oh, and these are the two styles of temporary tattoos I had printed for the show. I'm a fan of temp tats & decided to give a bunch of these away just for kicks. The peel-away backs were printed with this blog address so maybe a new visitor might stumble in. If not, no worries - I had a great time coming up with them, especially the one above.

Want to see more photos of the INK arty party? Folks are sharing them on facebook. Try these links:


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