New Toy - olloclip for iphone

©Stacey Merrill

Playing with my Mothers Day gift in the garden today. I had been thinking about getting an olloclip since falling in love with images folks are sharing on instagram. Luckily my generous family knows how my mind works.

This is Day 31 of A Year In The Garden and the first photo I have taken with the macro lense. I definitely need to track down my tripod - haven't used it in forever. Things get pretty shaky at such close range. Luckily this little fellow sat still long enough for me to ge a good look at him.

I love the ease of use with these lenses. The only problem is I can't them over my current phone case &  I'm a bit too clumsy to go around without one. I've pre-ordered the company's 3-in-one case and will share a review once it arrives.

If you have any interest in following my 365 Days In A Garden project, find photos here:



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  1. That is cool! I wonder if it would work with my Otterbox case?

  2. Erin, it seems to not fit over most cases. But Macobserver mentions otterbox:

    "With my OtterBox Commuter, it slips off easily in less than 10 seconds. But for some cases, like the OtterBox Defender, that’s a real chore."

    The full review is here