So Much Awesomeness, so little time...

INK - click here fore event info on facebook

May 10th INK, the tattoo themed extravaganza, begins. If you're anywhere near Detroit this weekend, pop on over to The Tangent Gallery to take in oodles of artsy tattooing goodness. With everything from art to vendors to live performance, this two night exhibition is not to be missed!

Despite one kooky-busy schedule I managed to get my 3D  (& somewhat interactive) contribution there in time. I'll clean up my quirky picks and share them here next week. Here is a quick peek of the drying process.

Rock On , Pinocchio

Once Upon A Time & Ever After are artist mannequin hands altered via wood burning and assorted paints & inks. I was going with the idea of "What if Pinocchio got tattooed before turning into 'a real boy'." I had a lot of fun with this project and even printed temporary tattoos instead of business cards to hand out at the show.

Life has been getting in the way of my bloggity plans this week. Got a new employee at work. Helped a friend find an apartment. Still plugging away at the 365 Days in a Garden project. Lots of family events. Day to day stuff... it is all good but time consuming.

Tomorrow I'm posting a late Thursday Giveaway. (Too tired/lazy tonight). Be sure to pop back and enter the fashionably late random drawing for some fabulously retro fashions.


  1. I love your tattooed hands. And I am so excited because finally something I'm interested in is happening in the D which is where I am. Well at least two mile from. While I don't have any tats I think they are really cool but I'm a chicken with pain. And I have to say handing out temporary tattoos as business card is genius.

  2. Those are so cool and what an awesome show! I definitely miss doing shows, but can't seem to balance art and studying and work, oh my!, right now ;)

  3. Alison, hope you get a chance to enjoy the show! If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd planned to fly up for fun but life got in the way. And the temp. tattoos are more for fun than business - I'm a big fan of them. It is fun to change yourself up a bit now & again, especially if there is no commitment!

    Diane Irby is a mixed media artist & photographer in Detroit. If you aren't familiar with her you can find out more at her FB page https://www.facebook.com/dianeirby.artist & website: http://www.dianeirby.com/

    She curates some fun shows in your neck of the woods, including INK and the darker-side-of-Snow-white "Poisned Apples" show at the Funhouse Gallery last summer. http://artsnark.blogspot.com/2012/06/descepter-for-poisoned-apples.html

  4. Kat, do it!

    But I totally hear you on the balancing act challenge. I'm always putting art last - after work, family, you name it. (ok maybe not after sleep). I've learned that I get super cranky when there's been no art time in a while & have been struggling to make rather than find creative time.

    Seriously, put the world on hold ( that to-do list will still be there in the morning) & just dive back in. Your soul will thank you

  5. Thanks for stopping by...hope all is well with you too :)