Win A Craftsy Fine Arts Online Workshop - Ends 12/18

I Love Craftsy.com!

Are you a "creative type"? Time-challenged? Looking to learn a new skill?

If you've answered 'yes' then Craftsy might be the place for you! I joined the site ages ago to take some of their DIY classes and have been going back again and again. I started with gardening and jewelry videos and have since added several baking, papercraft and basic sewing tutorials to my Craftsy library.  

Let me state right away that I am receiving no compensation for this post. I am a big fan of Craftsy.com so when they asked me if I wanted to host a giveaway for them, I said heck, yes! 

Why do I love Craftsy?

The lessons are given in a series of videos and you control your video library: 

Stop and restart your tutorials at anytime.They even have an ipad/iphone app for watching on the go. 

You can access your videos when it is convenient for you.  This is a huge selling point for me. I have (sadly) signed up for online classes on other sites that had time limits. Then either something comes up and I am cramming to watch as many lessons as I can before they expire, or I don't work on the project for a while and when I resume I have forgotten a step and have no reference for help. This is not a problem with Craftsy where I can access my library forever, 24/7.

The instructors really know their topics and explain steps clearly. Images are also clear & it is easy to follow along with what the teachers are doing.

There is also an "interactive classroom" where you can post your questions and get help from other students or instructors.

If you don't like the lesson, they have a 30 day money back guarantee. I have never needed to use this, but is is great to know that it is an option.

They also regularly offer sales and even have a bunch of free mini-classes

Sorry about going on and on, but I love this site!  So I was super-excited this summer when they started offering fine art classes. They are teaching drawing and painting using a number of different materials and techniques. I haven't tested any out yet, but (based on the quality of the other workshops I have taken) I bet they are fun, easy to follow and very informative. 

I was even more excited when Craftsy contacted me about giving a fine arts class away to one lucky Artsnark's Artifacts reader! 

How can you enter this random drawing and take home the fine-arts class of your choice? Entry is a little different than some of my other giveaways. To enter: First click this link . Then, if you are already a member, sign in to Craftsy. If you are not yet a member, join the site; create an account using either your email or via facebook. It is free to join Craftsy. No purchase is necessary to enter this random drawing. One entry per contestant, please.

You have until midnight (EST) on 12/18 to enter. The folks at craftsy will pick a winner on 12/19 and I will announce it here.

So what are you waiting for? Click through and take a chance! You might be the lucky winner and discover a new passion or skill you never knew you had!


  1. Thanks for sharing! This is a great resource.

  2. I LOVE CRAFTSY!!! I haven't paid enough attention lately to realize the addition of Fine Arts classes. I imagine they'll be fabulous. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  3. I entered! Had never heard of them.

  4. your online art classes really takes one to a certain ecstasy, there is so much to learn through your blog.