I'm Back!

Tokyo Pavillion, Epcot, Disney World

Last week my fickle phone, which got me through the 365 Days in A Garden project, expired. I'd avoided upgrading since I didn't want to buy all new olloclip accessories. Well, now I have a snazzy new iphone 5s, but there will be no macro pics until I save my pennies for new lenses. 

One thing I am loving is the improved low-light performance. My (refurbished) 4s often had a hard time focusing when lighting was less than perfect and would sometimes refuse to take a picture. The 5s doesn't have this problem. The top photo is of the firework show outside Epcot's Tokyo Dining restaurant - note the reflection of the light fixures in the window. The next two photos were snapped at sunset.

sunset - Champion's Gate Golf Course, Florida

The following two pictures were taken with my old phone a few days before it quit. The guys surprised me with a Mothers Day weekend visit to the intracoastal waterway for some fishing and relaxing.


This big fella is patiently waiting for some dinner. He is hoping the fishermen will toss him anything that is too small to keep.

This is simply a sun-bleached Sunday morning on the water. A nice breeze and a cup of coffee and I am in heaven.


  1. I have a 5s too and love it! So where did you see that crazy go cart?

  2. Jenn, it was at the Omni Resort Champions Gate golf course, outside of Orlando