Double Indemnity - SOLD

Spotted the new Illustration Friday prompt, Revenge, and decided it would be a good day to share this piece made for the 100 films show at Blue Lucy Gallery. This was a fun project! Blue Lucy provided each artist with a 16" square wood panel and a list of 350 famous movies to choose from. We were instructed to pick a fave and have at it in whatever materials caught our fancy. 

Blue Lucy Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL

When I was a kid there were only a few channels on TV (and you had to actually get up and turn the clunky knob to change them).There wasn't much kid's programming, so I watched a lot of old movies. By the time I was in grade school noir and monster flicks were my favorites. To get some ideas for this piece I revisited the Billy Wilder classic, Double Indemnity. It was great fun watching Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck fast talking and causing more trouble than they can handle. If you like old films, you've got to check this one out. I downloaded it from Amazon for $5 but have since seen the DVD at my local library.

Sorry for the poor photo, by the way. It was a quick midnight phone snap before boxing up for delivery. I had a grand time with charcoal, chalk and white acrylic over a collage of zebra stripped papers. The whole piece has a light-sucking vibe, except for the highlights. It is treated with a UV resistant matte finish and the sides are covered with chalkboard paint to mimic the surface of the charcoal.

100 films opening night
- Articulate Suncoast's photo nicked from Blue Lucy's FB page

If you are in the St. Pete, FL area I recommend checking out this show. While a narrow space, Blue Lucy is one of my favorite galleries in the Tampa Bay area. They regularly feature local talent and usually have something wonderfully whimsical going on. 100 Films is running in conjunction with the indie Sunscreen Film Festival, which runs through this weekend. The show will be up until May 10. So far almost half of the pieces have sold! If you can't visit, you can check them out on the Blue Lucy's facebook page.

But back to Illustration Friday! How can you resist 'Revenge'? Post your interpretation of this exciting challenge and share it over at IllustrationFriday.com. Or if you are feeling more curious than inspired. pop over and see what everyone else is sharing.


  1. i haven't seen the movie but knew that face, really like the way you put this together!

  2. Looks like a great show and that's a fabulous art piece! You go girl!

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