Tutorial Tuesday: Child's Play - Stuff to make with kids

Tea Rocket from AllForTheBoys

I recruited The Dude to find some cool projects for us to do together this month.

He found a ton of fun ideas on my Pinterest page.

how to make fun monster jaws from cereal boxes - easy kids craft activity
Cereal Box Monster Jaws from ItsAlwaysAutums 

Why am I not surprised they involve fire, snacks and monsters?

Tabasco Chocolate Magic Shell - www.countrycleaver.com
Tabasco Chocolate Magic Shell from Country Cleaver

To try any of these yourself, click the link below each image for instructions.

I made these in the microwave. Really!
Microwave Potato Chips from FoodGal

Actually, we've made these chips before. (I think someone was just hungry- I did ask for his help with this list right before dinner.)The same night we made the microwave chips, we also tried a baked chip recipe. My son loved these microwave ones and his dad preferred the oven ones. I thought both were passable & liked being able to customize with whatever herbs/spices we wanted.

So we'll give all of these a whirl and I will let you know how it plays out. Do you have any favorite kid friendly projects to share?


By the way, I'm giving away some art to 2 random winners on 9/18. To enter simply leave a comment on the blog before then. To check out the prizes click here.

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