Musical Monday - Dropkick Murphys "The Season's Upon Us"

Hop aboard the Monday Music train! Our conductor, Xmas Dolly is suggesting "Christmas songs and/or anything pertaining to Christmas." I'm not quite ready for a bajillion hours of Frosty and Rudolf  just yet, so the Dropkick Murphys are my ticket to ride today.


All aboard! Share your holiday tunes and link up over at Xmas Dolly's latest blog hop.  While you are there, check out what everyone else is listening to while they are cyber-shopping. 


By the way, if you haven't entered the new Thursday Giveaway yet be sure to comment here. Everyone who leaves a note on my blog before 12/11 will be entered in a random drawing for one $10 gift card to Michael's Craft Stores.  Click here for details.


  1. Wow. Crazy family. But you know, it still kinda looks fun! ;)

  2. LOL...Oh I was totally not expecting this! This is the first time for me hearing this song. Thanks for the a.m. laughs to start another day. Have a very merry Christmas, Stacey! ;)

  3. It is all about family crazy on Christmas time :)

  4. Haha this is too cute and what a crazy family. I truly like it.

  5. Now that was too funny! Thanks I needed that. The flu really kicked my butt this week. Sorry I'm so late. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.