Sunny days ahead


Hey there! Long time, no see. How have you all been?  I hope you are off to a promising 2016! 

Life has been in a kind of stasis for a while, which has been reaaally boring, so I'm jumping on the New Year/New You bandwagon. There's always room for 1 more, right? Tackling overdue projects, loads of decluttering and returning to pleasures missed are on the top of January's (& probably Feb/March's) to-do list. Plus this lonely blog has been calling to me for a while. It's good to be back! 

Reflecting on the past year, I missed too many simple moments. I forgot to find joy in the littlest things. Basically I spent a lot of 2015 stuck in my head.  When this happened a couple of years ago, I shook out the cobwebs by capturing them (& other natural wonders) in a fun 365 Days in a Garden instagram project. The series started as a whim, but I ended the year with increased awareness of my surroundings and learned to find something magical in every day.

I don't know about you, but I am overdue for a little magic. My new phone came in tonight (yeah)! The camera in my last one has been faulty forever. Even thinking of taking pics was depressing as, they would almost always come out blurry and poorly lit. Now that I have my new lifeline, I'm thinking about starting up another 365 days in photos gig.

Any thoughts? Gardens again? Or general eye candy? 

Care to join me? Could be fun. When you REALLY open your eyes, you might be surprised by what is right in front of you!

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  1. hi Stacey, I agree taking a daily photo has made me take more notice of my surroundings, little things that are right under my nose every day. I have started a Photo a day Challenge for January with daily prompts from www.fatmumslim.com.au, posting only on Facebook on my personal page for friends & family. Continuing this idea at the end of the month on our blog, ess-arr.blogspot.com.au may become a reality.