Monday's Muse - A Classic Combination

I can't believe it is already Monday again!

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Today's Muse is Procrastination ….. & Possibilities.

Through my own foolishness, I have become Queen of Procrastination lately. When I was younger I had lots of practice avoiding things, but now it happens by accident more often than choice. My studio/home office/Santa's workshop resembles hell on earth. I can't even show you my planner because it is lost under piles of stuff. To be honest, I am deeply afraid to find my To Do list - I feel overwhelmed as it is. So, I'm supposed to be cleaning this pigsty & instead I'm typing away .......

Sorry about the rant, now for the Possibilities! As I scrape away layers of accumulated stuff, scraps of paper, items to repair, etc. I keep finding lots of really cool materials & many many unfinished projects. Last night I uncovered my markers & a fairy-tale collage started in October. I gave up on cleaning & started coloring. Here is the latest incarnation:
Not done yet. I know what I want to add and I know it is here....somewhere! Time go pick up some more


  1. Nice going on rescueing those markers from the vile clutches of Procrastination!

    This piece is looking awesome and I can't wait to see the finished product. So, get on it. Someone out in cyberland is waiting on you. That means you can't procrastinate. :)

  2. i love the little red- and i TOTALLY get the procrastination thing, girl! it's part of that commitment issue we artists have

  3. That's really cool! You're very talented.

    BTW: Thanks for your comments and advice on the Etsy store and selling jewelry. I am still considering it.

  4. that's beautiful! I'm a firm believer in procrastinating on housework in the name or art :)

  5. First, I had to smile at the title.
    Then, I had to stop and make sure you weren't talking about my studio/work space! : )

  6. Ahhh, so that is the bigger picture of the little bits you shared a few posts ago.
    Brilliant piece.
    Don't kick yourself about procrastinating . . . it's just your muse in neutral right now. You'll do great stuff when it's time. And let's face it . . . clearing up one's studio and/or workspace is just a dreadfully, mundane task. Good motivator, aren't I?? :-)
    Happy holidays,

  7. This piece is an AMAZING take on Red Riding Hood. It looks dreamy and a wee bit menacing simultaneously.

  8. She is so sweet! and whit the woolf lurking in the back.

    I totally agreeing with HEEiger procrastinating housework and making art is a good idea.

    Cleaning up studios it takes time, I stared in April not done yet.... (I have been away a lot, but still...) soon though I'll be done and all little things will (probably) have it's own place!