Monday's Muse - Butterflies & Customized Givaway

Bit chilly in Tampa this morning.
When I went out for the paper I spotted a butterfly on the grass. Thought it might be dead but it was simply waiting to warm up
It flexed its wings a little & later it was gone.
My mornings are always a bit like that. I start out slow & chilly but eventually take off
Butterflies seem to appear often in my artThey Have Given Me Much Inspiration NOW I WANT TO INSPIRE YOU!

I'd Like to customize a butterfly necklace for 1 lucky winner!
Simply comment on my blog with what inspires you (between now & Friday) to enter a drawing for a custom necklace ( based on 1 of the 3 designs shown here). I will draw & post the winner Saturday morning so check back to see if it's you. I will then ask the winner to choose a pendant design & send me their image to put in the center.
Most of the art & jewelry here is available at ArtSnark's Artifacts just click photo for more info.
Only the top piece with the dragonfly & face is unavailable at this time.
Please note, I am running a December sale of 20% off+free shipping.
I look forward to seeing what inspires you!!


  1. wow...what a fun giveaway!! Your butterfly pendant, actually the last one shown here, is one of my all time favs on my fav list :)

    You already know what inspires me....hee hee...all things vintage....because I clearly was born in the wrong decade :)

    have a great day !!

  2. Yes we do have a chilly florida morning, here in Orlando too. I love your butterfly inspirations. I am inspired by fond memories.

  3. Great idea Stacey! So much inspires me, other amazing artists, God's creation, and of course all things vintage! Old photo's mostly. Hope your having a good one, ttyl.

  4. I am inspired by everything I see! I love going to thrift stores and seeing objects that have been cast aside. I love trying to figure out what I can do to revive them and make them loved and cherished again. Nature in every form is inspiring too. The clouds, trees, leaves, snowflakes. The world is a beautiful place.

    Great giveaway!!

  5. Oooh I love your pendants! I'm inspired by the past - the smell of old musty book pages, empty bottles of vintage perfumes, (who wore them, what were they like?) antique and vintage pictures, vintage sewing notions, used patterns, etc (what did they make with these?), 19th century poetry - I just swoon over Baudelaire! My digital artwork is Baudelaire inspired.

    I could go on and on!

    Merry, merry!

  6. I would loooove to have my name put in the hat Stacey. What a wonderful prize for the lucky winner!

  7. Thanks for offering such a fun giveaway!! So much inspires me, but really right now, I associate colors and numbers as symbols representing my past and my journey in my artwork.

  8. What a great blog. Your artwork is wonderful!
    I am inspired by so many things. Mostly by nature.
    I look to my animal reference books and art history books for inspiration too.

  9. I am so glad you stopped by and entered my giveaway and invited me over to check out yours. Your work is lovely!
    I am inspired by nature, and life.

  10. Stacey, what a generous give away. I love the pendant. I get inspired by the written word. When I am not doing my art, I read. I read everything. Have been known to read the back of cereal boxes if nothing else is available at the moment. Reading brings up pictures and then off I go.

  11. What a super giveaway! I am inspired by tiny un-noticed things in life. Discarded items, micro details on everyday items, found objects, etc.

    Count me in :)

  12. love the "what inspires you" question, ArtSnark!
    I am super inspired by fellow artists enthusiasm. When they talk their own art it just kicks me into gear to go and be creative too!
    also, vintage buttons! I can design a whole collage just around one tiny button!

  13. Wow! I came over from Monday's Muse, but I wasn't expecting a giveaway. :)

    My biggest inspiration is my toddler. After that, cats, music, happiness.

  14. what inspires me is odd a smile on a childs face is often inspiraton to me, the sunset on another day is insparation to me.

  15. Thanks for participating in Monday's Muse! Creative moms inspire me and your work is beautiful :D

  16. Great idea, Stacey. Nature inspires me . . . its beauty, sounds, textures. Prob why I love natural and organic art forms.

  17. You are a clever artist. So original and creative. Linda

  18. Hmmm. This question inspired more than the usual amount of thought I put into it. I have usually said "music" is my inspiration because when I listen to music I can really lose myself in painting and enter the "zone."

    Lately, though, the only music I hear when I paint is the theme song to The Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer!

    I think that I am inspired by my mother and grandmothers. I have been so intent on painting women's faces and have used women's images almost exclusively in my collage work that I think there must be something to this theory. Ever since Rexy was born I have missed them all so much more, there's something I'm trying to express.

    Thanks for asking! You did inspire me, I might not have analyzed my motivations for quite some time otherwise.


  19. Ohhh Stacey I'd love to join this lovely giveaway as I too am in awe at the beauty all around me...most of all Butterflies!!! The represent the rebirth...which in turn reminds me of God coming down as His Son, and being reborn!!!
    Your shop is one of my favorites..

  20. Your butterflies are beautiful! What a wonderful giveaway!

    I'm inspired by everything around me...a glance out the window at the oak tree in my front yard, a trip to thrift store, thumbing through old photos...I could go on and on!

  21. wow what a great giveaway! and i love your work! all the butterflies are fantastic. its funny cause my thing has always been dragonflies - which represent renewal and rebirth. What inspires me though? i think everything around me is inspiring, sometimes its the colors in nature, sometimes its my family, i know my aunt is always inspiring and challenging me! which is a good thing! i think its also seeing all the wonderful artists on etsy, makes me inspired to do more and become better at my craft. sometimes though, i simply see a skein of yarn and get inspired to just make something new and see what comes out of it.

  22. What a beautiful give-a-way Stacey!! What inspires me is.....other artists work, my five grandchildren, music, and poetry. I couldn't widdle it down to one but if I had to, it would be the grandkids. They keep me young and their zest for life is so contagious.
    Thanks hun

  23. color inspires me ....
    books inspire me ....
    children and family and friends inspire me ....
    but really, i think color inspires me ....
    i go through color phases in my art .... depending on moods and moments and phases ....
    that's my answer ...
    color inspires me ....

  24. Good Morning Stacey!! I wanted to stop by and tell you that I nominated you for an award. "A Lovely Blog Award"
    Stop by and let me know if you will accept this for the information about it is on my site.

  25. Awesome giveaway Stacey,mind you anything you make would be wonderful.
    As for what inspires me.....I would have to say old letters and scraps of paper, just a look into the lives of people long ago.
    I think I was born into the wrong era and probably the wrong reality too !
    Enjoy your day

  26. I love butterflies and use them often also.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Hope all is finding you well at this busy time of year.
    Sending you a big HUG!

  27. Wow, so much to see at your blog. I'm trying to set one up myself, so I love looking at others for inspiration. As far as creative inspiration, it's usually the world around me, mostly nature, often people. But, lately, it's been snippets of text or quotations, such as the one I'd heard but forgotten until I saw it again today:

    "What lies behind us and lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

    Enjoy your work and postings at Etsy!


  28. great question Artsnark!
    What inspires me: I would say other artists, whether they are photographers, cardmakers, fine artists, crafters, I could go on and on... I appreciate creativity in any form.

  29. Old family photos.

    Wonderful drawing, thanks!