Sweet Sales Part 2 & Random Thoughts Tuesday

Had the good fortune to sell a couple of pieces (including the Polaroid transfer Hush ) during my 4 day Sweet Sale. SO have decided to extend it through December just to see what happens. 20% off & FREE SHIPPING worldwide on all items at ArtSnarks Artifacts - Part 2!!
There's so much inventory stacked up in my studio & I'd love to make some space!!! Will continue adding more random pieces & toss in some PIFs so please check back now & again.

Speaking of Random:


Been internet free for a couple of days but popped in on the blog maternalspark
this morning which led me to the un-mom . Love the comic book look & random Tuesday was just too tempting to resist. Like I'm not always random, right ?

* Start with a Congrats to La Donna Welter for her upcoming feature in Somerset Studios !!

*Can't get enough of Monoral & Vampire Weekend lately. Bubblegum Quick Fix for mellow or uppers. My faves are Kiri & Walcott

*I love coffeee- weee!

*Why does it always seem the house is in super mess mode when play-dates are scheduled here - eek! Gotta stop typing & get cleaning :(

*last thought - must plug yet again this great sci fi site: 365tomorrows.com


  1. Mmm, coffee!
    Your art is fantastic. I'm adding your etsy shop to my favorites for some possible Xmas shopping :)
    Thanks for playing!

  2. Anything that has Dr Horrible showing as soon as it loads is all right by me. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so very much for mentioning me on your blog! I'm so blessed to have you as a friend! : )
    I'm heading over to Etsy and see your amazing work!
    La Donna

  4. Good Luck with your sale. Maybe I should do that. I have so many things stuffed away everywhere.

    Have a Merry Christmas