Monday's Muse - Fever Dreams

Well... it was either that or Monday's Muse - Crud

Fever Dreams sounds a little sexier at least.

Hope everyone had a wonderful _____ !(enter holiday of choice)

Too much fun was had by all & once the final obligations were met, the Control-Freak (that would be me) collapsed into a sweaty pile of feverish snot. Could I make it sound more unpleasant? Yuck!

The plus side of a 3 day phlegm filled delirium:
  • My husband was forced to play with our son & not go immediately back to work
  • I may have lost a few pounds ;D
  • Great Freakin' dreams! Don't get me wrong, there were some scary a** nightmares! ...and way too many cameos by people made out of Lego's. But other dreams were really floaty & angelic. Lots of steampunk images too.
The combination of sky-high temps, dehydration & heavy duty cough medicine had this real visionary state going on. Unfortunately I was too out of it to get my sketchbook, but still have a bunch of ideas swirling around.

Will be fun to see what twisted stuff leaks out of my uptight little drawings next.....muhahahaa


  1. You have my sympathies-I know how horrible i feel when I'm sick but at least you're able to see the silver lining!

  2. Oh, there's never a good time to be sick, but especially during the holidays. I'm sorry. Hope you're feeling better today.

  3. Poor you! I hope you are on the mend. Dreams can be very inspiring can't they? I had some doozies while I was pregnant...one of them turned into a painting :D

  4. The dreams we have can be inspiring. But as you said, when you are sick, they can be awful. Glad you saw some good out of them. Hope you are feeling better now. Happy New Year!!!

  5. Get well soon! Wonderful that you can see the positive sides of your illness, and are so "well" that you managed to up date us here on your blog...

    Hope you remember your delirium /fever ideas, and can come out of the illness whit new bobbling strength.


  6. Sorry you were feeling bad... But at least some interesting work came out of it.