Monday's Muse- "Beauty is everywhere..."

Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest

As life has been extra challenging lately,

I keep reminding myself of this.

Don't feel much like "talking" today but felt the need to share.

Hope all of you are well. And creative. And off to a good week.

If not, take a minute to look around

and really see what is before you.

This week I take my own advice and a with few deep breaths

also remember that This too shall pass

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Also, I guess I need to state this again. Unless otherwise indicated, all images on my blog are my own. Please do not reproduce any of them with out my permission


  1. I hope what ever you're going through passes quickly and you're back to yourself in no time. And know that I'm always around if you need an ear (or rather a set of eyes to read your words)

    Beautiful images as always

  2. So many beautiful images.

    Hope you're feeling wonderful soon. :)

  3. The pictures look fine. I hope this yucky-ness soon passes, my dear. Hang in there, have a cocktail (and one for me, too), and lean on your friends.


  4. Hugging you dear one!!!!! May the beauty that surrounds you take the sting away!!

  5. unfortunately life can be crappy at times...but yes honey it will pass...and with your attitude of 'beauty seeking' it will pass even quicker...thanks for sharing your lovely images...

  6. Hope "the moment" is passing. I have really enjoyed your blog with my lunch today. Thank you!