RTT- Just a wee bit-o-random today

Getting a head start on my Random Tuesday Thoughts. I have a hunch that once the day's madness begins, I may not make it back here. Just 1 of those week's already


Spent the weekend building a ginormous outdoor playset - holy $h*+! Rediscovered some muscles I forgot I had. Too tired to work on art in the p.m. so cramming to meet some deadlines. (Just fun stuff tho - no paying gigs)

I joined an art book-group for Twilight over at ZNE. While not thrilled with the series, I do love me some vampires & there are some great images throughout the book. It looks like we'll be reading & then making art for each chapter. Fun stuff. I think there'll be some public pics up Wednesday. Will post a link then. In the meantime here's a sneaky peak of my illo's inking phase:
Inspired by Oblivion Stock over at DeviantArt.

Oh, if you're more into Buffy than Edward, this is priceless. The Un Mom graciously shared it recently

Also up this week is a mechanical toy I've finished in my head but had no time to make. I keep dumbing it down for speed of assembly. If I don't watch out, it will be a painted rock by the time I'm done.

Found out about this Diary project over at Ewian's blog. Check it out - still some openings left but deadline is looming. Just click on the box above.

I absolutely love Ewian's artwork. She has such a vibrant & distinctive style. A very sweet person too - always ready with a kind comment plus she sent me this fabulous field guide:

Hey, had to sneak those zombies in here somewhere - it is Tuesday after all ;D

Ewian also has a great art supplies giveaway going on right so, so hop on over & check it out!

Dang, gotta hit the hay. Tuesday snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. If you're looking for more chaotic goodness, pop on over to the Admiral of Anarchy (ok ok I'll admit I'm stretching on that one), The Un Mom. There is always something wacky going on over there any day of the week!
The Un Mom

Man this post keeps running on. But I almost forgot to mention a reminder that there is no random drawing this Thursday. Check back on the 9th to see who wins one of my art boxes, customized with their choice of image & text. Click HERE for details and a photo of a similar piece. To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this blog before noon (EST) on July 9th.


  1. I think the line drawing is lookin' good! I look forward to seeing more as it's complete.

    That video is funny! I think I will forward it on on my blog. I'm a fan of the twilight movie and the Buffy series as well. Someone had some time on their hands.

  2. I haven't had time to watch that video yet, but I think I need to! I was a Buffy fan way back when...

  3. I am totally a Buffy fan!! I was heart broken when they ended the series. Loved Angel too!! Just stopping by. Partied all weekend at the Mad Hatter Tea Parties. Too much fun and so much creativity.

  4. Stacey, I hope your poor aching muscles get a much-deserved time-out! :o)

  5. did you say vampires?!

    you are totally awesome.

    and motivated.

    i might just hate you a little.


    p.s. no, not really. that would be to early to judge;)