Thursday Giveaway Part 1 – Lucky winner is...

DG !!!

Congrats, DG!! Let me be the 1st to “happy dance” on your behalf today! I will contact you in a few minutes & forward your info to Karen. I know will enjoy whichever sparklies you choose.

Many thanks to everyone who visited this week. This was the kind of week where your encouraging comments made life’s challenges easier to bear.

Also a very special thank you to those who commented on your favorite Will Oaks Studio pieces. Karen can now use this info to decide what to send to upcoming shows. Once her shows open, I’ll post the locations. Then any of you in the area can stop by the galleries & see her lovely work in person. And maybe go home with a new piece you “just couldn’t live without” (wink wink nudge nudge)

A heartfelt thank you to Karen Stahlecker! It is the generosity of talented sponsors like Karen who make Thursday Giveaways possible. If you haven’t had a chance yet, click on the Will Oaks Studio banners to visit her online shops. You will be impressed by the variety & beauty of her jewelry pieces. Also click HERE to check out her blog. She posts some fabulous nature photos regularly.

If you’d like to play again, pop back later today. I’ll have some great prizes (yes prizes with an “s”) from a brand new sponsor!

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