RTT - Random Tortured, ehem, Tuesday Thoughts

That's silly, honey. People just don't get smaller.
-Louise to her husband, Scott in The Incredible Shrinking Man


Morning all. Sitting outside with a cup of java before it gets too hot today. Sounds great (& it is). BUT it is only happening because there is a giant spider the size of my hand (no exaggeration!) loose the studio & now I'm too chicken to go in there! I think I saw this movie way too many times as a kid

I was posting for the Melange Fly challenge around midnight & heard a crinkly sound behind me, turned around and Big Bertha was scuttling towards me across a Michael's bag that was on the floor! Don't call PETA on me, but I bashed it with a rolled up copy of Artists' Cafe. A good thick mag, it didn't even phase the critter. Tho my screams woke DH, he only mumbled something about Serves me right for my studio being a mess & when am I coming to bed. Yeah right. Make fun of the arachnophobe.

So, I did the only sensible thing...Used the laptop in the kitchen and continued jumping at every little noise in the house. Too twitchy to sleep I wandered around the house like a zombie. (Knew I could squeeze a zombie or 2 in here somewhere) Finally broke down & guzzled some nyquil (So not P.C. - do not try this at home, kiddies). Then went to the kid's room (furthest from the studio), shut myself in & jammed stuffed animals in space under the door. Eternally grateful for the new bunkbed, I climbed in with my book light & The City of Z. Nothing like a good read on a long long night. Especialy a read that includes scary critters rustling in the jungle & possibly eating civilized explorers. Actually, the Nyquil & adrenaline crash kicked in just as Percy Fawcett was boarding the boat.

So where's the random? Being guarded by THE BIG HAIRY SPIDER!

But while you're here, check this out:

Utrecht Art Supplies Juried Competition is taking entries until Sept 1.

Moonlight Journey has a free collage sheet to download HERE. If you lean towards the ethereal & gothic, take a look around the site & links. Both Becky & Lynn create some fab ACEOs & other mixed media art.

The iprintfromhome Tuesday Tweet Treat is a free 11 x 14 print of your work. This offer is only good until midnight tonight (EST). Click Here for details

And finally...drum roll please... I found this on Nut & Bee last week and it had RTT all over it! Nothing says I love you quite like this:

created by City the NZ Cupcake Queen

Don't forget to pop over to the Un-Mom & see what Keely is up to today: looks like Jane Austin knockoffs, wacky dreams & drinking wine before your dr. visit...All good stuff. While you are there grab a button & play along!

Before you go, remember to leave a comment here to enter the newest Thursday Giveaway. This week's random winner gets Alisa Burke's book Canvas Remix. Just make sure you do it before noon (EST) on Thursday (6/11). Click HERE for book & random drawing details.


  1. HA! I love it. I must get one for hubby.

  2. that is the greatsest cross stitch ever!

  3. I hate spiders! We have what we call banana spiders in our woods that love to build webs between 2 trees about 5'6" above the ground.....you guessed it I've run full face into them. If you want to see big, just google banana spider, I forget their real names.

  4. Whyte, that is exactly what has taken over my room...big eewww

  5. The freebie link doesn't work on my end......

    p.s. the zombie image reminds me of Subversive Cross Stitch! Too funny.

  6. Love the cross stitch!! LOL!! As for spiders...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! I had one trying to "take over" my studio the other day. Hubby to the rescue! Ahhhhh! But I am sure he has relatives. YIKES!

  7. I'm not afraid of spiders...but I am afraid of snakes :-(

    lovely post

    best wishes
    Ribbon :-)

  8. Wait? You used the laptop to beat the spider?

  9. Ahh! Big spider! I would have done exactly what you did. Somehow critters are much more scary in the middle of the night, too!

  10. First that is an intense love.

    Second and and most important HOW do you go about killing that huge spiders? I have always been unsure about going to Australia because there where huge spiders there, but now I am not sure I want to go to the US ether, you can tell that I have arachnophobia, yes?