Musical Monday - Sondre Lerche

Had a few tunes cross my mind & have to go with Sondre Lerche's Just Like Lazenby. I mentioned this song back in early November & still feels like my theme song for 2009.

If you want to catch an interview with this charming fellow from All Things Considered where he explains George Lazenby as muse, among other things - you can find it HERE (pop through & then click the listen now icon. The whole interview is good listen but the Lazenby bit is about 5 minutes in)

So what is your theme song for 2009? Make a post & click the button to leave a linky with Ms. Diane & friends. While you're there, check out what everyone else is listening to today.

By the way, Mixed Media Monday's prompt is cool this week. The challenge is to "use your least favorite color". Bit swamped this week but perhaps I can pull something together. If you have time to play along or just want to see what everyone else is up to, click through & visit the comment section.

Final note today - have you entered my 2 random drawings for this week? Click links below for details & to enter.

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're off to a fantastic final week!


  1. great song!

    now i'm trying to think what my least favorite color is... i mean, they all have their place, ya know...?

    guess i'd have to go with yellow. maybe orange.

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  3. Kewl song...he should follow it up with Just Like Connery....
    thanx for coming by....happy new year!

  4. Yellow used to be my least favorite color, but now I kind of like it. Yellow, or maybe brown, which I've also begun to like. Maybe black should be my new least favorite color...except that black makes me look thinner! That is a cool prompt!

  5. whoa!this is the first time I hear this song...and this singer.I have to say,i like it!It sounds like me!lol
    thanks for stopping by!That mixed media monday sounds interesting.Maybe I'll join in!Have a Happy New Year!

  6. I think brown is the least used color by me...so I guess I would chose that one. Super song!!
    Hugs and Happy New Year

  7. I didn't click the link because I actually knew who Lazenby was! The worst bond in the best bond film! Well, he wasn't actually the worst!

    I clicked that link that you gave me, I will look into it, thank you.

    Writing has moved me in 09' This was the first year that I have written anything since 1984.