Studio Tour #15 - Mixed Media Artist Maureen Tillman

Ready for a new studio tour this week? Well, lets get going!

Autumn Dryad Collage by Maureen Tillman

We're off to Wisconsin today to visit with mixed media artist Maureen Tillman. Last Thursday, Maureen shared some of her colorful art & thoughts about creativity on this blog. If you missed that post, click here. Maureen is also sponsoring Thursday's Giveaway. She has donated this wonderful mosaic butterfly box which will be given to 1 lucky winner. Visit last Thursday's post for box details and more photos, as well as how to enter next Thursday's random drawing.

Today Maureen has invited us into her art studio to see where she works her magic. C'mon, lets go see where she comes up all those great pieces found in her Etsy shop, MaureenTillman.etsy.com.

By the way, clicking on any of the art in this post will take you to more info on the piece. Also, the tour which follows was originally posted on Maureen's blog Sanctuary, Dreams & Shadows last September. Now, let me step aside so Maureen can show you around.

MT: Some of my Melange Team ETSY artist friends have been sharing their work spaces ... so I thought I would join in the fun. I am fortunate to have plenty of space that I can allot as I need depending on the type of art project I am working on. My home is a split foyer style and I use the entire lower level as my work area. My actual studio space was meant to be a family room. I knew as soon as I saw it almost four years ago that it would make the perfect studio.

MT: There is a door to the laundry room where the sink I use to clean paint brushes and other tools is handy, and a door to the attached two car garage where I have a separate work area for messier jobs. Here I also have two large cupboards for additional art supply storage. I do not have a car so the extra space is all open and utilized although usually quite messy unfortunately.

MT: In my studio I have placed three large work tables in a "U" shape where my office chair can easily slide around to all three work areas very conveniently. I also have my drawing table and stool in another spot so I can have a fourth work station. This makes it easy to move from one project to another, so while one is drying I can be working on another piece. I often have three or four art pieces going at the same time. It allows me to keep my excitement and inspiration at a peak and not get tired of a piece before I finish it.

MT: I have lots of shelves that I installed in the studio that are stacked with many, many glass jars. I have collected apothecary and canning jars all my life and I use every one of them, and am still always looking for more.

MT: I have jars and jars of beautiful glass tiles, glass pieces for mosaics, sea shells, glass drops and beads, vintage shell buttons, marbles, stones, gemstone chips, and many more baubles I am always bringing home. It all at one time or another has found it's way into a collage of mine. I get immense inspiration just looking at the jars.

MT: The hallway that leads to the back bedroom has become my gallery wall with more shelves I installed. The bedroom is my office with my computer and printer which I use daily for the images I combine in my collages. I have become addicted to searching the internet for public domain vintage images, always on the look out for that perfect vintage portrait. At the moment I have just over 3000 public domain images in my Macbook's iPhoto Library. I did choose to add a backup harddrive just in case! A year ago I was purchasing images online at my expense, but this past year I have discovered a multitude of sites online that offer free downloads of copyright free images, both new and vintage. I have been using more of my own digital photographs too.

MT: I realize I am blessed with lots of space and I am grateful for every inch of it. It has become my sanctuary, my magical place, my home. My art saved me when everything else seemed lost to me with my divorce. Family and friends are there supportively but sporadically - I wish it was more frequent but everyone has their responsibilities and families - I understand that. So my art is my mainstay, my touchstone, my joy. It's the reason I get up every morning, and the last thing I put down every night. So this is where I live, work and play! It is a good life when you can do them all at once!

Thank you for the tour, Maureen! I just love peeking behind the scenes and this tour was the perfect accompaniment to the thoughts & art you shared here last Thursday.

Want to find out more about Maureen Tillman & her mixed media art? Here are a few places to visit:

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Want to enter the random drawing for Maureen's Glass Tile Mosaic Box? Just leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on 12/10 & you're in. It is that easy. Prize ships free to the winner. This contest is only open in the USA.

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  1. Glenda-TwoCoolTexans6:08 PM, December 06, 2009

    xanssBeautiful pictures. Maureen's studio looks warm and inviting. And, I see that there are different work stations. I love that!

  2. The Autumn Dryad Collage is fantastic!

  3. I want that studio - it is so nice. Lovely work also.

  4. The studio space is so inspiring, not to mention the artwork!

  5. Thanks for sharing Maureen's studio space. It is such a warm, nurturing place. I like the comment she made about a Split Foyer house being adaptable to having a studio. I used to have a split foyer, and now I want one again! Not likely. I enjoyed her displays and art.

  6. What a great tour. Stacey, this is such a grand idea. Nice to see how other people set their studios up. Gives me ideas!!! Mine is pretty much done but tweaking it to make things easier to get in hand.
    Beautiful work, Maureen.

  7. Such a beautiful studio space you've created - and fun to read about you and your art. I em really enthralled with your mixed media art skills - gorgeous creations!

  8. Jealous I am! What a lovely place to dream, escape, create.

  9. I love all your jars, it looks like a candy store, I bet it feels like that to you :)

    Wonderful work and great space :)


  10. Beautiful work...and your studio is simply amazing! I love how you've used all of those wonderful glass jars!

  11. Wonderful studio tour and beautiful work!! Thanks for sharing!!