Friday Freebies - Antique photos for your use

I've been enjoying visitors this week & lost track of time. Monday I mentioned some fun finds from Bohemian Vintage that I wanted to share.

July 16, 1910 Garfield Park Cleveland, Ohio

I hope you enjoy these dapper gents & reluctant models.  Feel free to use them in your art! 


If you need a better resolution or a close-up, drop me a note with your email & I'll get it right out to you.  (You can find contact info on my profile page)

Fishing Trip 1929 or 30

This photo shows a group of Doctors. Here is the back of the photo.

Bohemian Vintage is down the street from me for a few more days before they move to the other side of town. If you're in Tampa be sure to stop by - for now they are still at 3418 South Dale Mabry (Tues-Sat. 12-6).  You can also find some of their fantastic items at etsy.com/shop/bohemianvintage1.

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come back tomorrow. We'll be taking a tour of Studio Lilyja.


  1. Stacey, those are wonderful, the names on the back, I love that about old photos,

    Have a wonderful Weekend, :) T.

  2. Great photos, Stacey! I keep hoping to find a treasure trove of old pictures at a garage sale.

  3. Wonderful photos!! And I visited their shop and they do have some wonderful items! Thanks for their link

  4. Thanks Stacey, you find the neatest treasures and love how you take the time to share with all of us!

  5. great links- thanks for sharing....you always do find the coolest things on the internet~

  6. Glad you like the pictures. Would love to see any creations made with them.

    Collecting old photos is one of my vices. I have too many but they still keep following me home :D

  7. Stacey~ You are a generous soul and always share such great goodies. Thank you!