RTT - just passing through

Hey again.How have you been?


Sorry things are so dull around here. It is Random Tuesday though so click on the purple button to visit The Un Mom if you need a little chaos in your life today. And if you have chaos to spare, have yourself a rant & leave a linky while you're there.

Have a Lego or Harry Potter fan in your home? Then you  know that the video game comes out today. Little Dude is bouncing off the walls waiting for his to arrive.

Until then he keeps kicking my @$$ at air hockey. I was planning to let him win but he needs no help.....

It is amazing how many more hours there are in a day when you don't have computer distractions!

By the way, the ceiling is patched & will get repaired next week. Then the cleanup begins (yuck).

I'm on a  borrowed PC & still haven't figured out how to do a screenshot, so no eye-candy today.

For added confusion, the new Thursday Giveaway will be posted this weekend. We'll also have a guest post - Remember Dr. Laura Koniver from Heartsong FineArt? (She shared her studio here last fall.) Laura will be visiting in a few days to talk about creativity and health- fascinating stuff, so be sure to stop back in a few days.

Things should be back to some form of normal around here by the weekend. Hope you have a creative week!


  1. I love the video of lego

  2. Thanks for the tip on Harry Potter, and you are right young boys loves it.