Winner of CPS Studios Summer 2010 issue is....


Congratulations! I will contact you for your shipping address.

My screen shot isn't working today - always something new to challenge the neo-luddite...sigh. Basically I tossed 57 entries into the random.org vortex, hit the spin cycle and out popped Ľubaša.  

Thanks to all who left a comment this week. Hope you find your way home soon - just remember to turn left after you leave the vortex. Otherwise you may be lost in the blog-o-sphere forever.....

Don't mind me, I'm just being weird today. (what's new, eh?)

By the way, I am hosting a new random drawing on 6/17 sponsored by Lilyja.etsy.com. 

The prize is a pair of really cute Petite Crochet Wire Earrings in winner's choice of color (brown, green, purple, or turquoise). Ships free worldwide to 1 lucky winner. For details & to see more gorgeous items from lilyja click here.  

Also, if you're in the bloggy neighborhood next Saturday stop back in - we'll be visiting the liljya studio to see where all these wonderful jewelry ideas come to life.


  1. Wow! Thanks!!! I had a birthday yesterday... this is lovely gift.:-)

  2. Now how cool is that. Happy belated birthday!

  3. Congrats!!
    Looking forward to the studio tour!!