Studio Tour #26 - Liljya

Welcome back to another Studio Tour Saturday. Today we are off to Ashdod, Israel to visit with Lily of liljya.etsy.com.

Lily creates gorgeous & intricate jewelry pieces. She artfully crochets delicate wires of copper, gold & silver -  forming them into beautiful accessories.  

Sometimes she includes gems or beads. 

Many of her pieces feel both classical and modern at the same time. 

All share a clean design and fresh organic quality. 

Lily's blog and Etsy shop also have this refreshing vibe. Click on any of the links throughout this post to view more of her lovely work. Now it is time for me to step aside so that Lily can show us around her world. (All photos are courtesy of Lilyja.)

L: I moved to this apartment about 2 months ago, and the first thing I did was to open the table so that I can keep on working while organizing the rest of the place.

L: My studio space is at the darker side of the house- there's a huge tree hugging that side of the house so it's more shady and I love it. I always feel a bit like I am in the womb sitting and working there;it is also quite small but fits me great.

L: I'm such a collector that I can fill any size space with everything. I can never throw things away, so  organizing this little space is an exercise for me to try and be precise.

L: Moving to this place was a chance to put in order in all those tons of beads and many little things I use to have on my table. 

L: Now I almost don't recognize my working table...

L: I'm using silver parts again and again, by melting them and make a new silver sheets to work with.  I'm collecting all of these bits and pieces together with old and unused silver jewelry I get from friends. 

L: My friend and family have this habit of bringing to me all kind of pieces "you might want to use" - and yes, I do. 

L: On the table I also have my laptop; sometimes while working I watch or listen to all kind of things. 

L: Last month I was watching (or should I say mostly listening) "Desperate Housewives" (oh, how could they kill Edie..?). This month I'm totally into classical music.

L: Some of the time I simply work in silence while above my head I have these three guys watching my work.

Thank you, Lily for showing us around your creative space! And many thanks to all who came along for the ride. Please take a moment to leave a comment before you go. Many artists featured here have told me just how much they appreciate your thoughts and encouraging words. 

Also, leaving a comment before 1 a.m. (EST) on 6/17 enters you in a random drawing for a pair of petit crochet wire earrings handmade by Lily. 


On June 17 one lucky winner takes home a pair of these lovely earrings in their choice of color (green, purple, brown, or turquoise). This random drawing is open worldwide with free shipping to winner.

Want to see more of Lily's intricate creations? Visit her online at http://www.liljya.etsy.com and  http://lilyja.blogspot.com

Would you like to share your creative space on this blog?  I originally featured studio tours  here because I can't resist peeking behind the curtain. I've since found out that I am not the only one who likes to see where others work their magic. Whether your workspace is big or small, fancy or humble, I'd love to share workspace! Just drop me a note & we'll find you a spot on the calendar - contact info is in my blog profile.

Thanks  again for stopping by. Wishing you a creative day!


  1. Thanks to both of you for the tour. The photos are so crisp and appealing, I want to touch things!

  2. What incredible intricate work. Thank you for sharing Stacey and Liljya!

  3. Gorgeous photos!! So colorful and gives us the flavor of her work. Love the studio tour!

  4. Love the cubby feeling in your studio Liljya! I share your feelings of cozy and shaded. Your work is just fantastic! Love that your melt your silver and reuse.

  5. she makes such beautiful jewelry -- simple and intricate at the same time with a special lightness.

  6. wow, what cool jewelry! i didnt know you could do such awesome things with crochet wire!

  7. Sweetie your blog is the best!! I'm never disappointed when I come see another awesome tour, and this one is awesome...loved taking a peek at Liljya's work..art!!! Blessings sweetie.

  8. Another wonderful tour! Thank you!