Friday Freebies - Free use photo & papers. Plus a link to free Somerset Digital Mag

How have you been? It has been crazy around here. First the ceiling thing & then a trip out of town threw a wrench in my already unbalanced schedule. I'll spend the next few days trying to get everything back on track. 

1st thing on my personal to-do list is blogging! I am surprised how much I've missed taking time out  to decompress & organize my thoughts. I've also missed visiting my favorite blogs & am looking forward to seeing what everybody's been up to lately.  Ok. Enough of my chatter - let's get to some freebies:

 Do you like Stampington & Co. Magazines? 

Have you downloaded the FREE Digital issue yet? Click here to get your free copy. Follow the link & you'll also find instructions for entering their random drawing for a $15 gift certificate to the Shoppe at Somerset

Following are some fun paper bits.  Feel free to use them in your projects. If you need a better resolution or closeup, just send me your email & I'll get right to you. (Find my contact info in my profile).

  October 15 -21 Mama & Aunt Flory

These grande dames followed me home from Bohemian Vintage. They're looking for a good time & I thought someone out there might have fun playing with them. 

This time sheet is from B.V. too. The original is 10.5" wide & this is only the top half. This page is from the same ledger as the filled out sheet I posted last month. If you missed that one & would like to check it out, click here.

I'm not sure where I picked up this fun page from an old book of patents. There's a stack of brittle pages around here somewhere. If I stumble over them & the shop name is still attached, I'll pass it along.

I hope some of these can be of use. If you make anything and want to share, I'll be happy to post your creation.

If you're in the bloggy neighborhood Monday, please pop back in. The artist Laura Koniver, MD of Heartsong Fine Art will be stopping by with a fascinating post on creativity & health. She is also generously sponsoring this week's (delayed) Thursday Giveaway.

Wishing everyone a  wonderful weekend! I hope you come back in a few days & look forward to seeing you soon.


  1. Great vintage images!!
    Hope your ceiling crash got fixed and everything is okay now.
    Have a wonderful 4th

  2. Thanks for the well wishes, SueAnn. Wishing you a fantastic 4th too!

    Alas, the ceiling is still sporting only a huge patch - the repair begins next week.

  3. Thanks Stacey, I know you've had a hectic couple of weeks, glad it's pretty much behind you and will love using the vintage images!

  4. Oh I love that photo Stacey, hope the roof thing is sorted.

    Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

  5. So glad you're back and the ceiling is fixed. Thanks so much for the images! Have a great 4th of July weekend!

  6. Wonderful images. Wow!

    Can't wait to see all the neat recipes from around the US and world. Glad you're considering joining in the recipe exchange!

  7. Happy 4th of July to you!!

    I have been feeling swayed by life too...what's that saying...about life happening when life gets in the way of what we were doing lol

  8. Love your artwork! and tips. Hope you have a great 4th.